Formula Podium wheel stuttering and disconnecting GT7

Hi guys,

I have a problem with my Fanatec Formula podium F1 wheel while playing GT7 on PS5.

The problem happens when turning the wheel, the wheel turns and suddenly freezes for a second and then synchronizes with my turning angle, and sometimes it gets disconnected.

This only happens when moving, it doesn't do it while you are stopped.

Does anyone have this issue? All drivers are up to date.



  • I think i found the problem, after doing some testing, this has nothing to do with the wheel. Is a specific car that makes it, the skyline GTR R32 after you install the fully customizing suspension. i don't know why it triggers it on that specific car, i have tested many cars without any problems.

    I hope this helps.


  • You can quickly ruin your car with bad suspension. try raising it till the stutter stops.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for isolating it to a single car and a single configuration. I also encountered this problem and thought it was a more widespread bug in GT7 or the wheel (GT DD, in my case). Glad it appears to be limited to a single car.

    From what I can tell, the issue appears to be related to FF events transmitted to the wheel. I reproduced the issue while simply rolling across a track and found that the wheel snaps back to the correct position once a FF event occurs, like rolling over the curb at the edge of a track.

    The problem is not user error (suspensions settings, etc.).

  • Update: The issue is more widespread than I originally thought. I first noticed it in the GT-R R32 doing one of the menu races, but I’ve now encountered it in a 911, RX-7, and others.

    To be clear, here’s what happens. When the wheel is turned, the game only registers part of the turn (maybe 30 degrees) but nothing beyond that registers for a bit. I’ve found that additional lock doesn’t register until a specific FF event, such as hitting a curb. At that time, the game instantaneously registers the correct amount of lock on the wheel.

    This has nothing to do with animations or the like. GT7 shows on the little arc at the bottom how much steering has been applied. When the problem occurs, you’re limited to some amount (say, 75% of the arc in one direction). Steering registers at that amount regardless of how far you’re actually turning the wheel -until- something happens, at which point the game suddenly recognizes how far you’ve turned the wheel and instantaneously registers that input. That’s obviously An abrupt change and can result in instability. But the main issue is that it doesn’t recognize the correct steering input in the first place.

    I’ll try to isolate it further.

    Using GT DD 8Nm w/ latest firmware as of April 14, 2022 via 440 drivers.

  • This is 100% settings based on the vehicle. I have encountered this as well in the past. Raise the front ride height as suggested previously. The reason the FF event changes the steering is because the suspension is unloaded in that event and now can turn full lock. I usually don't lower the GTR below 92 mm for this reason. Try it and report back if your issues are resolved.

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