Peoples favorite games and why

What are peoples favorite sim or arcade games? And also why? Lets hear it :)


  • Dirt 4, Forza Horizon 4, and F1 2021 are in my rotation rn. But I am on Xbox SS. Waiting for Forza 5 to get the kinks worked out and the new ACC to do the same.

  • Dirt Rally 2.0 is my absolute favorite. I like the action and constantly need to twist and turn the wheel plus use of the handbrake.

    Gran Turismo is my go-to when I'm gonna race more speedy cars on asphalt and such. I havent tried any F1 games, but maybe I should give it a go.

  • For me, it's Assetto Corsa, hands down. One, for the gargantuan amount of available mods... pretty much any car or track combination I can think of, I can find and download, usually for free. And two, it has the best, most customizable UI of any game I've ever seen. I can turn individual elements on or off, resize them, place them exactly where I want on screen, even make different "desktops" if I want a different UI for different cars or different session types like practice, qualifying, etc. Other games may allow *some* degree of customization, but nothing close to what is possible in AC. The fact that its FFB is top notch certainly doesn't hurt, either. Some may disagree, but for me, I feel that it's the benchmark that other games' FFB is compared to.

    When I'm in the mood for off-road shenanigans, it's Dirty Rally 2.0. I love the constant action and needing to be fully aware and paying 100% attention to Phil's calls or it's a one-way ticket into the nearest ditch. The Rallycross stuff is also pretty darn fun for some rowdy, door to door action. I just wish that overall, the game felt better on tarmac, where it must be said that it feels rather lifeless and overly smooth. But on gravel and dirt, it feels amazing and makes up for any other shortcomings.

    Lately I've been getting into some AMS2... its FFB is right up there with AC, in my mind. It doesn't have the customization or the mods of AC, but it does have some of the best kart action I've seen, which I've really been enjoying setting up my own custom championships with.

    Forza Horizon 5 is my go-to for casual, arcadey-type fun. I don't bother with the wheel for it, one, because there apparently still is a bug where Fanatec wheels cause the game to crash intermittently, and two, I actually find it easier with a controller. Since it's more casual themed, it just feels right using a more casual input method.

    When I really want something super chill... it's American Truck Simulator. It's basically become like a digital hangout spot or pub for me and my friends... we'll meet up in a convoy and just chat about the week's events while we pass the time hauling loads of gravel or livestock or whatever. Good times.

  • You might have a point there. About the tarmac stuff on Dirt Rally 2.0. Never thought about that.

    Question. When you mention Assetto Corsa. Do you only play AC or do you play ACC also? I have never tried those titles. But I know that ACC is more new. So graphics wise, is ACC better looking?

  • ACC uses the Unreal Engine, which is capable of some stunning things graphically, but it's also a "closed system" so to speak, so mods (outside of user-created liveries) are practically non-existent. AC uses Kunos' own game engine and is wide open to just about any kind of mod you can think of.

    Out of the box, sure, ACC will look much nicer than vanilla AC. But ACC is also quite a bit more resource-hungry and will require a beefier machine if you want to run it at higher settings.

    AC, when running with what most people consider the "mandatory minimum" mods of Content Manager, Custom Shaders Patch, and Sol, can look just as good as, if not better than, any modern racing game. And being that it was released in 2014, it'll run pretty well on basically anything you throw at it these days.

  • GT7 only. Bought GT DD Pro, PS5 and 4k monitor only for this game. And I'll probably only play this until GT8. It hits the perfect balance of everyday e-sport for me.

    Yes, I got a PC with ACC as well - not as interesting.

  • Aaaah okey I understand 😎👍 Gonna have to try them both then I guess lol. My PC is very high end so it can max out every game. Dont know why but I am very picky when it comes to graphics. Sounds like you have to spend a good amount of time adjusting various stuff in AC and ACC?

    Have to upgrade from PS4 Pro to PS5 soon. But I am still waiting to get a hold of one here in Norway and thats easier said than done.

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