[Resolved] Firmware v689 CSL Elite+ with McLaren GT3 v2 won't install

I'm running windows 11, z690 mobo, csl elite wheelbase + playstation edition, with mclaren gt3 v2 wheel. I just installed driver 439, which says I have a firmware update for the wheelbase to v689 and the wheel to v44. Neither firmware update will install. It starts to install, then just spins and the window says 'not responding'. I've tried rebooting the system, restarting the wheelbase, etc. and nothing works. All devices are detected in fanalab, but the device manager does not list them as fanatec devices, so I'm wondering if the driver installed properly. As far as I can tell, they are installed as HID devices with Microsoft drivers.

Also, when I try to exit the firmware manager after it times out and goes back to the update screen, I get an error saying not to exit in the middle of automatic update procedure, even though no update is actually underway.

Not sure how to resolve this issue. Any advice would be appreciated.

UPDATE: I fixed the issue by unplugging the wheel USB cable, removing all inactive USB devices, uninstalling the fanatec drivers, and reinstalling v 439. Then I was able to update the firmware on the wheelbase and the wheel cleanly.

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