Fanatec Driver 440 (BMW M4 GT3 Release) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Stimmt es das in Zukunft auch noch ein neues Firmware Update für die v3 Pedale erscheinen soll?

  • Deutsch ist verboten. :-) Keine Erwähnung einer neuen Pedal-Firmware.

  • WarmRedWarmRed Member

    does this firmware update have to do with new features of the rewritten base firmware?

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    It will fix the brake input flickering of the latest firmwares for CSP v3.

  • höö? I have no brake input flickering on my CSP V3.

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    Then you are just not sensitive enough for it or you are not on the latest firmware.

    Everyone who use FW 1.31 or 1.32 has the flickering (not everyone notices it though), only people who are still on the FW 1.30 dont have the flickering.

  • fondoofondoo Member

    anyone having issues with the F1 wheel with the rev LED and flag LEDs keep disabling in fanalab v1.63.6 and 440 drivers???

  • Will newfirmware fix the min max calibration so that it will save. Now have to do it always on pc start again.

  • Thank you for your incredible contribution to this forum, keeping us informed of all the news. As much as we have problems with our hardware, one can understand a frustration towards Fanatec that, in no case, they have to customize it on you. I hope you continue to do your great work.

  • Thanks for clarification, otherwise it made be feel rather down/dissapointed, as felt like it was human/moderator action of sorts, given mention mention offtopic posts removal in other post, but that issue still frequently haunts me so if it would get unfixed it would greatly diminish value/impression of product (if) as drawback i must live with for long. But software glitches are something i'm used to as working in IT :)

  • So to try remake previous post.

    Issue: Auto setup mode added in several latest drivers/firmwares has little use (could find mention about only single title, IIRC Raceroom, supporting it), but as it's set by default, and in some cases gets reverted (in my case, if Fanalab for some reason has died), users often end up to 'reverted factory defaults FFB settings' which often are completely wrong for specific sim, add lot of confusion of not getting expected feedback feel to new users, that just bought/installed drivers/haven't yet read changelog about Auto profile description, and what's worse - if reverting happens mid-race, and one has to suffer throughout his stint with inferior/wrong feedback, which reduces pace/adds mistakes and can be "fixed" only stopping, switching out, starting again fanalab. Ability of switching real-time profiles doesn't seem of great help, as still is too highly distractive mid-race. BTW, having Auto as default is real issue for fanatec new users. I have "fixed" for some friends their feedback that didn't work as expected in their freshly bought new wheelbases. They couldn't imagine that by default would be something that is wrong and what would be unchangeable as it goes against what "average joe" would expect. Nobody reads manuals after all, first it's just quick clicking around and try out of the box by hunch :). So such "defaults" may devaluate initial view of product/wheelbase ffb for newbies.

    IIRC Auto setup mode was added in 431 drivers.

    Proposed fixes:

    • add way to disable/get rid of Auto mode completely. Just 1-5 that work as before in stable/predictable fashion with no unexpected glitches/issues as in past;
    • make it NOT default. Disable any "fallback to defaults", make it "last/least priority/after main 1-5 profiles";
    • or add ability to edit "Auto setup" mode or factory defaults, so that even if glitch/fallback happens, ffb is unchanged/known/wished. Should work for mostly single sim users. You can add some extra warnings/"advanced-advanced"/"unlock experimental features" mode to prevent accidental change if that seems that big of issue if users can edit wheelbase factory defaults / Auto setup values;
    • redesign Fanalab in way, that if it dies (i'm guessing that frequent switching between apps may sometimes confuse it, eg. between discord/browser/sim/note docs/fuel calcs and other various apps/widgets. But sometimes it reverted after pitting (in ACC) or weirdly after some crash in race), it auto-restarts with no user-interaction, and stops only if user stops it in interactive way. For now, if i feel weird heavier/mushy/with lot of extra friction feedback, i later check systray, and i see that fanalab died.

    Imho any arguments "against" getting rid of Auto mode/factory defaults while "making everybody happy" can be solveable by adding extra options/preferences to drivers, while they are left in state set by default as they are now. But those that hate/have issues with/have no gains (eg. no title installed that supports that) should have choice/options to make things work as they want. Same with "editable" Auto setup or factory defaults settings - if by default they are left as is, it will work as it does now .. but i'd appreciate option to set them for example to same ffb settings as in profile i use in specific sim i mostly drive at.

    If none of fixes are to be expected in future drivers/firmwares/fanalab, then i guess that least painful "fix" i can workaround with is to revert to pre-431 drivers, which will make me miss fixes/improvements non-related to hated Auto/defaults or newer OS support, so would prefer to know that fanatec devs will consider something regarding this/add options to get what i want. I understand perfectly fine that it may take lot of time/efforts, but hope that it will get considered. Feel free to comment, if i made any sense in reporting my issues and in proposed fixes, i don't want in any way any bashing fanatec of sorts, but hope to improve my (and possibly other fanatec users) usage experience regarding this in future firmware/drivers/and maybe fanalab, as otherwise i'm happy with my hardware/features/performance .. that from time to times is hampered by this issue that imho can be fixed.

  • party today in germany too?🤔

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    Today no, but tomorrow is my birthday so everyone will be in party mode tomorrow :)

    I dont know if this forum will be also in party mode tomorrow though as the driver comes when it comes...

  • 😂😂😂it is clear that I do not have it with you .... indeed I appreciate your support even when you should not be you has to give explanations for the various problems but fanatec .... anyway best wishes

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    also from me: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag @Maurice Böschen!

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  • Happy birthday SAINT @Maurice Böschen

  • Happy birthday Maurice. Enjoy your day!!. And thank you very much for your advice and work! Many of us appreciate it! ;)

  • Happy Birthday Maurice.....May Life Smile at YOU...FanahappyFast😅💯

  • Happy Birthday Maurice - we really do appreciate all of your contributions to the Fanatec forums!

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    Stop waiting. I gave up last year (waiting for two and a half years). Just empty promises so you keep buying their crap. I reported on day one of DD release that QR is shit and wheels are loose. Do you know how many times i heard "QR2 will release soon" in the last years. Fuck em. The most broken shit of equipment i ever bought.

  • Out of curiosity why have no Fanatec employees responded to this whole discussion about the new driver? I know Maurice has talked about it a bunch, and I do appreciate the information but why no one who actually works at Fanatec? Feels like theres a lack of communication lately. Even a rough ETA would be helpful since nowadays there are competitors out there offering products at similar or even better price points with better software.

  • It's because they either do not care, or are incompetent. There is no other explanation at this point. Nearly 3 years of promises unfulfilled.

    I'm out of patience, as are many other people. At this point the update is too little too late. I will not consider another Fanatec product, and I will recommend against them to anyone who will listen.

  • It is getting harder and harder to recommend Fanatec for anything other than the value their wheels present. Thrustmaster is creeping up from the low end, and it's hard to argue the SC2 products aren't better supported and have fewer issues.

    If you want a DD and you must have console support, then Fanatec is the only player, but if you're on the PC Fanatec probably shouldn't be your first choice.

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