Why is the delivery so slow?

I purchased the available item on March 16, 2022.

However, shipping has not yet started.

I inquired by e-mail, but there was no response.

Is Panatec originally ordering like this?

All acquaintances who purchased at the same time have all been delivered.

I want to know why the delivery is delayed like this, but there is no answer.

Are there many people in the same situation as me?

I am waiting for a reply from Panatec.


  • Panatec?

    The delivery service from fanatec is terrible. I made a complaint and even some to someone on the gtp forum and the only redone I got was "I'll pass it on" which in real terms mean we don't care as we already have your money.

  • Why is the real Panatec like this?

    It doesn't make sense for a large company like Panatec to provide such sloppy customer service.

    Shouldn't Panatec at least answer customer questions?

    I have contacted you by e-mail but have not yet received a response.

    It's really terrible.

  • do you mean Panatec is pathetic?

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