Fanatec WRC licence deal/Official wrc 8 settings

If theres an announced agreement for Licensing as official esports wheel of the WRC, then why are there no official WRC8 settings on fanatecs webpage?... i have been thru the other 2 threads on the subject and gamer muscles settings to feel “floaty” and also shockingly juddery/jarring on dd1... i love dirt rally 1 and 2 and want so badly to love wrc 8 For the amazing amount of stages (i intensely follow wrc and have wrc app yearly). . but i feel so disconnected from the steering to the point where it just doesnt feel remotely realistic.😬 Is this game somehow considered “third party software? Im not even sure what category to post under as mentions of the game are seemingly nonexistent... Im a newb please go easy on me and help if you can. Thanks


  • The announcement from WRC is all future tense and reads like new hardware, although I’m sure the current hardware will be supported and this is likely just branding:

    ”Fanatec is developing a range of rally products in close co-operation with WRC, which will be perfectly suited to simulate this exciting sport and to compete in official WRC sim racing competitions,”

    They also mention a special WRC branded wheel coming later this year.

  • So when they release the WRC branded wheel, if its this year, wrc 8 will still be the current official fia wrc game and fanatec will have the license for the official hardware... so.....How bout those factory recommended settings for the game that this hardware is going to be based on???... imagine having an f1 podium wheel and not having any factory settings for the F1 game... If the business plan is for wrc branded hardware then that hardware should have factory recommended settings for the game??? as of now... wrc8 feels like an absolute turd on my dd1. I love rally and am the target customer for this new hardware... but i sure wont be playing wrc8 with it... without proper wheel settings from fanatec, wrc8 will remain a pretender to the throne and a sadly unplayable title for a true fan of rally desperate for more stages to drive. RIP WRC8... i guess ill try again on wrc9

  • Ehm... Did you ever thought about that the bad feeling you get is because the game doesn't have good FFB?!

    Maybe there simply are no magic FFB settings which will make the game feel right?!

    Just try to adjust the FFB for yourself and don't just simply rely on Fanatecs recommended settings which most likely will also feel bad because the game is just not that great.... ^^

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    F wrc⁸ 9 and any iteration there after.... until they get that title to codemaster im out!

    Shame on fanatec for partnering with dangerous suppliers and developers...

    Your qc sucks and questionable developers trying to hurt us with bad code!

  • Sadly i think @maurice is correct but doesnt it atand to reason that when they release an official wrc wheel that fanatec will, at that point, have to acknowledge the issue or have MASSIVE angry customer threads... tell me you dont see the product racing 150mph into a brick wall if the wheel releases without official settings. Even if they copy the dirt2.0 settings... we can at least agree that you cant partner with the FIA and have almost no mention of the game base on fanatecs page... so if they are going to have to do it anyway eventually... why not now... @maurice im very new to the dd1 and im not really sure what to adjust to “feel” the tires doing much of anything... as a ps4 beta tester do you have any recommendations on where to start, or have you given up on the game as well for poor physics? @droors, does that happen with other games or just that one? Which im sure is the only one you probably want to play...

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