Uk shipping woes

I was contacted yesterday by ups asking to confirm my email as they need some urgent info.

I later received an email asking for my eori number.

I called ups and was told to send an email saying I am a private individual as I don't have an eori number.

Seemed odd to me so I emailed fanatec and was surprised to get a reply in less than hour with there eori number, so I emailed ups with the info.

I was expecting a reply from ups today regarding payment for import tax/duty but nothing.

My delivery is due with me Monday morning but I get the feeling it's not going to happen.

Has anyone had a similar experience..?


  • I will be polite and leave it the colourful language I want to use about fanatec and ups.

    Their delivery is the WORST I have had from a company. 2 weeks to have something delivered from Germany when I received a package from Canada in 3 days.

    All correspondences I have had from fanatec and from ups site they couldn't care less. They have lost a customer in me because of how they handle things and the customer support they offer.

  • I think they have completely messed up the import/export form for my delivery.

    The tracking now says requested information from shipper or receiver.

    I've had no contact from ups since Thursday and spent most of Friday trying to find out if the info supplied was correct but its like talking to someone in an alien language.

    So the fear is now impending storage fees at ups due to incorrectly filled export/import documentation.

  • Its so confusing ups is delivering 8 packages tomorrow but all of a sudden I get a notification that 3 are being delivered today.

    an hour later get another email saying they are now pushed back till tomorrow.

    Ding dong mr ups turns up with 5 packages 1 hour later.

    Fanatec have been very quick to reply to emails and I believe are actually trying to help.

    After speaking with ups several times over the last few days I believe ups are the cause of fanatec headaches around shipping.

    Ups was confused as what to do as the invoice showed the discount saved on a clubsport bundle wheel.

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