I have seen some older posts on this but can't seem to find any newer info. With a DD2 is it better to use Fanalab or IRFFB? I have read FANALAB can smooth out like IRFFB can with DD. Do you only gain the SOP from IRFFB? Curious what people prefer. Thanks.


  • Fanalab is just an easier interface for the same FFB settings that can be changed on the wheel as well as some other functionality. SOP and other iRFFB functions have nothing to do with Fanalab.

  • Does not IRFFB add input lag? I've never used it but read it somewhere on the forums.

  • I think there are 2 methods to run iRFFB. One has slightly more lag than the other. Check youtube.

  • Yeah I can't find much recently about IRFFB, I've used it and didn't notice lag. I was just curious what most people are running

  • I run irFFB on my DD2 and love it brings the wheel more to life. I use it on the 360 direct mode which lowers input lag all you need extra is vjoy to run it in direct mode. As far as lag is concerned you won't notice it at all. Definitely something to add

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