Do you like the Damper Kit on the throttle?

Hello! I have the damper kit installed on the throttle, and I still don't know if I like it, lol. Even at 0, I feel like I need to exert a lot of force to keep the pedal pressed all the way down. In long sessions, I end up with a somewhat tired leg (I drive with socks, I don't like to wear boots).

Also, I feel that the pedal is not quite agile, I don't know if it's about getting used to it...

what is your experience?

(Sorry for the google translation)


  • It's a bad idea for all the reasons you mention. Why anybody would want to dampen throttle response is a mystery to me.

  • I do not have the damper kit on my pedals. I have been thinking of getting another set of pedals (non-Fanatec) with the option of dampers. Reading a lot about what the damper does.

    Seems to me it is there mainly to give a better accurate immersive feel to the pedal, like the real throttle pedal in a car. I also think what it also does is, as the name suggests, "dampen" how you control the pedal. As you release the throttle it will ease it out instead of spring the pedal out. Or when you press on your throttle, given the same pressure, with the damper, throttle advance will be slower as the damper will dampen the progress.

    What does it do? Releasing the throttle too quickly or increasing it too quickly "may" unbalance your car. Unbalancing will mean slower? Usually so.

    But it is also about what "you" want. You may not want the pedal to feel like a race car. You may want the pedal to feel the way you like it to. You may want it to feel good for your setup or the way you control the throttle. So do you like the feel of it? Are you going quicker with the damper on?

    Try it for awhile. Select your favourite track and go 200 laps on it. Or, no! Select your least favourite track!

    If you are going quicker, then do you want to go quicker? If you are going quicker and have to wear shoes to go quicker, will you want to continue sim racing wearing shoes?

    I would do any of those to go quicker.

  • I have the damper kit I like it a lot from a pedal discipline perspective. It’s great for racing games, but I’d think not so great for games where you need to hit the pedal a lot vs track racers imo.

  • It comes down to like so often it does do you want to be as quick as possible or do you want it to feel realistic. For me being quick without everything feeling real is pointless, at the point your playing a game not driving a car. I like it a a lot, makes the pedal feel like a real gas pedal otherwise it just feels like a spring.

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