Can you use Csl elite steering wheel Mclaren GT3 V2 analog paddle as a handbrake?

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I am wondering that can I use GT3 V2 as handbrake? Does it work in GT7 and can you adjust the hand brake force from Fanalab for example?

How this feels in Dirt really 2 or WRC10?


  • The wheel has a dedicated mode that you can select (using the middle dial) where the paddles will perform as clutch / handbrake. I don't own GT7 or WRC10, but I use the handbrake quite often with DR2.0, and it works great. I just reach down with my bottom two fingers of my right hand and give the paddle a quick pull. Never have to take my hands off the wheel or reposition them at all, it's very convenient.

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    thanks, it should work on Ps5 ? :) I did forget to say that, perhaps Gt7 gave a hint what is my weapon of choice.

  • I would imagine so, but I can't say for certain since I don't own a PS5. Most games will accept an analog input for the handbrake function, but some do not. Depends on the game.

  • It work at least on my GT DD Pro with the McLaren GT3V2 on PS5 and GT7 - just make sure the blue dial is in position B.

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