Gt dd pro problem

Hi guys so I bought the gt dd pro bundle with 8 nm , I play gt7 , I have a problem with it , I tried all the settings , ( fanatec recommended settings and some settings I found in YouTube ) , I tried also the settings in game , whenever I steer the wheel to the left or the right when I change the direction I feel a kind of click inside the wheel base , a kind of click that I that you just feel with your hands not something you can hear , ( especially when there is a high FFB ) some people told me it’s normal and other told me to buy the last aluminium quick release , what do you think guys , it really pissed me off , I really feel this little click inside whenever I change the direction in a very quick way , or when I’m braking and at the same time steering , I’ve updated everything and did everything correctly , help me guys please and tell me what to do I’m lost thank you !


  • Hi, which steering wheel do you have? I noticed this with my gt dd pro too. I have two wheels, one with the QR1 and one with the QR Lite. Problem was only occurring with the lite. You need to fix/turn the nob at its maximum. Otherwise, when you change directions (weight transfer), there is too much force going on the QR and if it's a little bit loose, you'll feel it.

    Now I always tighten it firmly and haven't had any issue since.

    Hope this helps you !

  • Hi, I have also had this problem. Mine started after 1 week, I sent it off on Monday for rma and it was returned today (Friday) which to be fair was a really quick.

    fanatec repair emailed me to say they replaced the main pcba but I tested as soon as it arrived and the problem is still there. Mine feels notchy and as if it’s slipping, the first week it was really smooth. During that first week I went ahead and ordered boost 180, load cell and McLaren wheel and then my problem started the next day after ordering so haven’t been able to use them yet.

    I’ve just rang support and they are sending me an email with instructions how to update the firmware for the motor, there are 2 different firmwares apparently and you have to try one and if that doesn’t work try the second one and then let them know which one worked if any. I haven’t received the email yet and I’m in work tonight but will update

  • Hi all

    Tried the firmware but it didn’t work so I’ve emailed fanatec to let them know. Just have to wait for a reply

  • I'm having same issue is not like is too bad but.

    with my old csl elite or csw 2.5 i didn't have that issue i thought it was normal but i see if happens to more people, my is really low but is a feeling in the wheel like electricity or small vibratiton is like when you hear a noise somewhere and you can find it is getting me nuts.

  • Ian HewerIan Hewer Member
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    Tightening the quick release nut fixed it for me on the GT DD Pro (5nm) with the GT bundle wheel.

    It was a really disconcerting click and for me it mostly happened on quick changes of direction. It would happen around the point where you feel the force feedback load go slack after it has been pulling against steering input. It was very distracting because it made me ignore most of the regular FFB and focus on waiting for the next "click".

    What I found helpful was fiddling with the QR nut on the wheel. It made me realise that there is a hard-stop in the quick release which prevents you over tightening it. Keep tightening until it won't go any further to ensure it's fitted correctly.

  • I had the same problem and, as Nicolas and Ian reported, you need to check whether you can see the indicator line or not. If you can see it even slightly, the QR Lite is -not- locked, which allows for the wheel to play.

    The confusion is caused because the QR Lite stops turning before it's fully locked. At that point, you can see a bit of the indicator line. You need to push harder to get the QR Lite to lock. It will lock with a click. It's not explained in the manual and I presume it's because of imprecision in the manufacturing process, i.e. it shouldn't be so hard to lock it but it is.

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