Is it Normal? Fanatec CSL DD Pro

Hello everyone, in February I bought the CSL DD Pro, I treated the steering wheel very gently. Today I noticed that the axis that comes out of the base and connects to the steering wheel is slightly crooked, if I rotate it without the steering wheel connected, I can see that it is not perfectly centered. I wanted to ask if I am the only one who has this "problem" or is it normal that this is the case.


  • Yes that's normal.

  • I've read that it happens and in my opinion it shouldn't be normal, mine maybe by chance is normal but it has a problem that disconnects from the computer randomly.

  • Hi,

    I also noticed the same problem. I opened a case and had the wheelbase repaired. After a few days I got the wheelbase back. It is still not 100% centered. Therefore, I assume that it is apparently "normal"....

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