Shipping options are confusing as hell

In early March I ordered the club's sport v3 pedals Which were stated as in stock and ready to ship And in the checkout process it gave me the option to choose fedex 2nd day air which I did and received them on the 2nd day Which was great.....

The same day on a second order I ordered the GT DD pro 8 NM Which also stated it was in stock and available to ship However it did not give me the option to choose 2nd day air and it took 10 days to arrive Which I found to be very odd since it was available to ship just like the pedal set But I did receive it within 10 days Fedex ground.

About 2 weeks ago I ordered the break performance kit for the clubsport V3 pedal set And again stated it was installed as a bullshit but no 2nd day air option It took fanatec a week to generate the shipping label so I started emailing Support for this issue because you apparently cannot call and talk to anyone And as everyone already knows it's hard to get a reply via email But finally they did ship it and under receive it at a turtle's pace.

So now I am sitting here wanting to purchase the McLaren G T3 V-2 wheel Which States that it's in stock and available to ship and it will not give me the option to choose 2nd day fedex air I really don't want to go down the rabbit hole of guessing how many days weeks or months it's gonna take to get something that's in stock. So fanatic I say to you maybe I will skip a purchase from you from now on and use digital motorsports who charge us more for shipping but you can get it in 4 days via DHL.

Why would the shipping options that we choose or have lack of choice for available items in stock be so different each time?

You can see below in the screenshot my confirmation on the order and fedex 2 day shipping was selected and worked perfectly but it's been the only time that it's been available on the pedal set.

PS ) I live in the USA and every item thus far has been shipped from California

So what say you?......... Anybody


  • 1) If you want it shipped quickly, just get it from wherever which offers you a faster option.

    2) Only certain products will have express shipping. Most do not and just assume you will receive it between 2-3 weeks. If this is no good, refer to point 1.

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