Ordering Process

I have worked really hard to save enough money to purchase my very own Fanatec racing equipment. I seen that the only item I ordered that was not in stock was the CSL DD 8NM but they were accepting pre orders at the time and the availability date for that wheel stated April 19th. Fanatec has already taken the money, However it states that the order is still in process. I was wondering if the order will remain in this current state until the wheel is in stock on the 19th or can it move on to the next phase? Any help will be greatly appreciated. It's not like everyday I have $2,000 to throw at a hobby.


  • Nothing will happen until all items in your order are in stock. Hopefully this will be by April 19th but Fanatec availability does seem to be "fluid" and delays are not uncommon.

  • They change estimate ship dates all the time. check your orders for a updated "avaliablily date" but in reality they have no clue. When I preordered the CSL DD it was only 1 week out and now its 1 month +. I canceled my order, but its still "in progress".

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