Setting for FH5

Does it have any basic recommendations for DD1 settings for forza horizon 5?


  • Ill try n post my settings after work, but I found this guide to be super useful:

    All the information transfers to Fanatec, but you might want to move a few of them a bit.

  • These are the settings i've been happiest with. I use them because they work for every type of racing overall.

    Some notes:

    1. 720 or 900 work fine. 720 is easier for Dirt and Drift, but I'm tryin to stick with 900
    2. I set scaling to Linear, but I do like it at Peak for Road racing.
    3. Vibration you can set to on or off. I like it on, because you get feedback when you overpower your tires, but it also vibrates at rpm red line. I wish they'd separate these.

    Also. If someone has something better please let me know.

  • Sorry, I had to revise this a little with the new driver:

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