ClubSport V3 Pedals or Formula V2.5 wheel

I already have the CSL pedals with the load cell kit, and the ClubSport Steering Wheel 320 Alcantara with the Universal Hub V2. But I want to upgrade either the wheel or the pedals. This is for driving open wheelers in iRacing. I also drive Dirt Rally 2.0 from time to time just for information.

But I cant decide if I should upgrade the pedals or the wheel. If I get the Formula 2.5 wheel I would still keep the 320 Alcantara for Rally. But I feel that "maybe" I would get some better lap times with better pedals instead of a wheel?? The wheel I use now feels really great. Nothing bad about it. I just wanted the flexiblity with all the buttons and all over realism of a proper formula wheel like the 2.5 version.

So... Would you buy the pedals now and the wheel later on, or the other way around??


  • Better pedals will probably have more of an effect on your overall laps times compared to a different wheel. The wheel would be a personal preference. If you are in the market for new pedals, I would recommend a pair of Heusinkveld Sprints/Ultimates (depending on your budget) over the V3s.

  • My suggestion...go for the pedal set.

    The Formula wheel is really really good but, I have to admit, a little too 'small' for an overall use....I don't play F1 games but I wanted a wheel like that...the MC Laren Gt3 wheel is not an option, less buttons and switches, no led bars, and an awfully noisy paddle-shifter (yeah I know you can fit something to reduce the noise)....not to mention the plastic QR.....

    I would love a new wheel, getting all the buttons and switches of the V2/V2.5/V2.5X and the size of the McLaren Gt3 V2.

    I have V3 set, did not use too much as today, couple hours on the past weekend....very nice so far...I come from an 'old' CSL Elite LC pedal set, amazing value-quality for me.


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