Disable wheelbase ABS vibration

Hi folks,.

Due to moving apertments I now have families below my wheelstand and I had to lower the vibrations.

So I disabled road/kerb/slip/abs in-game but when I trigger the ingame abs, my McLaren rim will show "ABS" and I'll get massive vibrations from my csw 2.5...

I searched but didn't find anything. I disabled the telemetry linking in fanalab, disabled all vibration settings I could find but it's still there.

Can someone point me to the right direction? Is it even fanalab or did AC always send an abs trigger command to the wheelbase?

I'd really like to disable it since it doesn't scale with the ffb gain. It scales with the strength setting/max torque, "FF" in the fanatec settings.


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    You cant disable ABS vibration - its a game effect within the FFB. Less FFB strength might be your only choice to get less noise.

    You can only disable ABS as a driving aid entirely when you disable that driving aid directly in the game menu. Then you will lock your tires though...

  • Oh really? Apparently it was always masked by the abs/slip effects settings that I had at 20%.

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't scale with the in game gain, so it's a bit weird to be part of the "physics" then..

    Raising game gain and lowering wheelbase strength reduces it, since the abs effect gets clipped off. But not ideal to drive like that.. Mhh.

    Maybe asking in the AC forums about some file editing might be worth a try?

  • Only thing I can think of is maybe find some sort of softer material to put under the feet of your rig. To dampen the vibration through the floor and surroundings. Though I have no idea on how that would affect the rig or even if it would work at all.

  • Thanks for the clear answer Maurice! I'll save myself and the others the time then :)

    About damping:

    It's not that bad I guess, the neighbours didn't say anything yet, only my gf told me that the vibrations would be quite strong compared to everything else while I'm racing.

    It's the foldable next level racing F-GT lite with a "flat" but 1cm thick wool carpet underneath.

    I might be able to put some Styropor tubes around the "feet" but I'll just wait for my neighbours to mention it before changing anything :p

    We moved from base floor to top floor, similar building, different area in the city, so I'm trying to be a nicer neighbour than the ones we had above us before...

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