Current/delayed delivery time CSL DD

Hi all,

just ordered a CSL DD + ClubSport F1 Esports V2. I have read already several times, that the delivery date has been pushed back several times. Current delivery date of the CSL DD is 30. may. Has the planned delivery of this wave also already been postponed several times? Or are there any other information that this date is fix (plus/minus a few days).

Just to prepare myself that I plan a few days vacation at the beginning of June!

Best regards


  • A date is never fixed in the current times.

    It's always just an estimation.

  • Similar pain and issues for me. The wheel I ordered alongside my CSL DD was in stock when I ordered the CSL DD, but when the CSL DDs came into stock yday the wheel was out of stock so my whole order gets delayed 1 month. Fanatec need to sort their shit out. Worst company I have ever dealt with. They've also lost my other order...

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