Vibration setting for GT7 on PS5

I've looked through the various settings suggested in this forum for GT7 but I'm not getting vibration on my GT DD pro since I switched to a PS5. I don't feel anything when going over curbs etc. In game I've got the vibration on and the vibration strength set to 150 but there's no vibration. Everything works fine playing GT Sport on a PS4. It also seems like the forced feedback is weaker on the PS5 compared to what I was used to on a PS4.

Any recommendations on what settings I should use?


  • Welcome to the FFB of GT7.

    The FFB in GT7 is drastically different and the lack of FFB detail is "known" and "normal".

    Vibration strength is a Controller setting and does not apply to Steering Wheels.

    Ther eis nothing you can do, it would be up to the Game Developer to improve the FFB so curbs can be felt properly again.

  • You should feel the curbs fine. I do. And i run the recommended settings, but I set in game torque to 6. I feel no clipping, but there is a lack of the tire load and weight transfer of the car overall in GT7, which kinda makes it hard to tell if it is clipping. Hopefully they address this soon.

  • Thanks for the comments. It's strange that GT Sport feels so much better than GT7.

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