CSW v2.5 FFB for Forza Horizon 5

Hi all,

are there any recommendations on the in-game FFB settings for this game? Looks like the most players do have a DD.

As I’m on a CSW v2.5 I really like to see some recommendation on the FFB.

Thans in advance


  • Try following this guide:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DtnXDN0kXc&t=451s

    You're base is very comparable to it and I used it to setup my GT DD Pro with some minor changes, and pretty standard Fanatec Base settings.

  • With CSW 2,0 and on Series X I can't get proper steering feel. Car is more like walloving little bit left to right. Ffb is not responsive, it's more like rubbery with some rumble. Drifting in example is impossible when you don't have direct feeling, everything happen with delay. And before saying "well it's console", there's driving games with quite ok wheel feel on XsX's side too(AC, ACC, DR1, SRX the game etc etc).

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