[RMA in progress] No response from Fanatec, Formula V2.5X disconnects DD

I have had no response from Fanatec after about a week now, every time I connect I V2.5X now it disconnects my CSL DD from my PC and the red power LED starts pulsating. I have tried all the solutions given by Fanatec and none of them have worked, I have no other wheel to test whether its just the wheel that is the issue or just simply be able to use it. Anyone have any ideas or similar experiences that could offer some help. Thanks.


  • I have similiar issue right now. Started today. You got your wheel working?

  • Having the same issue as you.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi guys,

    I looked at Tom's case and the support team determined that it needed to be sent in for checks/repair.

    I see that Samu was able to resolve the issue by reseating the base-side QR.

    Davy, I see you have opened a ticket, the team will troubleshoot this with you. One of the first things they will will ask is if you have tried to reseat the base-side QR, as described in this FAQ:

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Maybe this will go quicker because I'm running out of patience.

    I got my V2.5X working by putting washers between the connector and stem on the wheel side. Undid the 4 long small screws, put washers between the black connector holding the pins, and the stem of the wheel. Now the V2.5X works, so I'm fairly sure the pins just didn't make contact properly before.

    Few days later, my Clubsport RS wheel arrives. Same problem, base disconnects when attaching it. Unfortunately, the washer trick didn't work this time. Even with the connector loose, so no QR installed, it won't even show a light on the wheel when connected to the base.

    I've reinstalled drivers, reinstalled firmware, but nothing. V2.5X works fine, RS wheel does not. Not a single light, nothing. Base turns to flashing red when attaching the RS wheel.

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