Missing or stolen order from FedEx

My tracking number from FedEx states that my order was delivered on Sunday morning (May 1st 2022) but cannot be found anywhere. I've ordered several products from Fanatec before and FedEx always delivers them to my office and they always sign for it themselves if I'm not there. Which does not help because it should be me that should be signing them and not them. They just sign it and leave it there.

I've opened a case with FedEx yesterday and they said they'll try and reach back out to me in the next 24-48 hours. What's the quickest and smoothest way to resolve this? I paid over $400 for my steering wheel and now I have to go back and forth with FedEx and Fanatec which is going to take such a long time. I can't get through the chat and email messages are taking forever. I'm worried nothing will ever get resolved and I'm going to lose $440 just like that.


  • Hi from a legal stand point, if you have not signed for the receipt of delivery it’s fanatic and fed ex problem, and unfortunately I don’t think there is any quick way to resolve it, first port of call is to contact FedEx and raise the issue with them as they have to prove it was delivered and to who, and provide proof, second you need to contact Fanatec and inform them that the item has not been received by you, because the contract for sale includes delivery, which means Fanatec have to raise the case with FedEx, silly question but i thought Fanatec only used UPS ?

  • dlee415dlee415 Member

    They've always used FedEx when delivering for me. I raised a case with FedEx and let Fanatec know but Fanatec is asking one question at a time through email which in theory is going to take over a month to resolve because I can never get through chat with them. Very frustrating.

  • James WyattJames Wyatt Member
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    Yes they sent my package with fedex and i had to be the one to sigh for it so and no one else could, they's what fedex told me and i stayed home from work just to receive it. i live in colorado. good luck with that.

  • Yes dlee415 i no longer use Fanatec due to the time and stupidity of the customer service I currently use digital motor sports who are an official stocker of Fanatec and simicube and a couple of other manufacturers they have a really good customer service which you can email and phone way way better than fanatec, not that that is much help right now but you might want to think about it for next time.

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