No FF with CSL DD on ACC X box series X

I received the Fanatec hardware yesterday and after setting it up I used it with ACC; there was force feedback. I then updated the drivers for the wheelbase and there is no longer any FF when using ACC (inputs such as steering still function). I am still getting FF on F1 2021. Can anyone help with this?


  • Did you turn the wheel off or disconnect it while the game was running? ACC has the annoying habit (for me at least, on Series X) of stopping all FFB if the wheel was disconnected while the game runs or was suspended. So things like Quick Resume will always mess up FFB and you will need to completely shut down the game every time before you play.

  • i found i had this problem, and what i did to get ffb back was i double checked my controller profile, saved it and closed the game and then opened it up (I think its something to do with the quick resume feature) make sure you open the \game via the wheel (ie go onto the game with the controller and press a on the wheel and sign in on the wheel). this worked for me.

  • I too have this issue (DD2, Series X). First try with the game no FF, found this thread and got it to work. However, new session yesterday and never got FF to start.

    For avoidance of doubt, how do you close the game completely, and not unwillingly get caught in the quick resume trap? Regardless, I closed down the console, but to no avail.

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