Oscillation on ACC on Xbox Series X with DD Pro recommended settings

Hi all. Question: I'm getting quite the oscillation in ACC on my Series X with my DD Pro with the recommended settings. It's not really noticeable when you have your hands on the wheel, but if I let go it will start to wiggle and then shake heavily. This is at any speed (even driving slowly in the pit lane) with multiple cars.

I tried using the Xbox recommended settings and the PC settings, both give similar results. I've tried changing the NDPR to values of 0, 50 and 100. Setting the NDRP high does delay the effect a bit and makes it less violent, but it doesn't seem to solve it.

Any suggestions?


  • i personally think it’s a non-issue? With these high performance cars I would never release my hands from the wheel IRL and really I only noticed this behavior if I release the wheel. While my hands are on the wheel there is no noticeable force moving my hands left and right. I wonder what the opinion of others are?

  • Well, yes true. It's just that I was under the assumption it shouldn't do that. I read posts by others saying they did not experience this and their wheel would remain "calm" going in a straight line, so that makes me think my setup/settings can be improved.

    But yes you are right, it's not a big issue. It's just that I tend to cheer after I cross the finish line, letting my wheel go for a sec, then almost breaking my fingers trying to stop it from bouncing all over the place :p

    If the concensus is this is normal, then okay I can learn to deal with it. If the consensus is this shouldn't happen, then I definitely want to try and solve it.

  • Other thing you need to consider if you want to open a support ticket and go down that path right now. If you read in the forums support is basically non existent at the moment. I was also a victim of the RMA experience. I would say monitor your wheel over the next couple of weeks/months check what others are saying about oscillations(I think I saw this is Problem coming from specific games) it’s also in the support articles somewhere in the website but only you can decide if you are okay with the behavior in the end.

  • Ok thanks. At this point I'm not under the impression it's a fault or anything, but I'll keep it in mind.

  • Hi quick question, is it oscillation when on the straight when you let go of the wheel and gets progressively worse the longer you keep you hands off, if this is the case it is a setting, it will be your damping adjust your damping and road feel and this should sort this out i had the settings to high and had this issue, i have not been on it for a while if your still having issues give me a shout and i will help you sort it out.

    regards lee

    ps its def a setting its not a hardware issue.

  • Yes, it is like that. I let go and it gets progressively worse. But that happens quite fast, within 1 maybe 2 seconds it goes from stable to break-your-finger.

    I've tried setting a higher NDPR and that made the effect a little, well, dampened. Less extreme. But it's still there.

    I'm not that familiar with all the different settings yet, so I probably need to make different changes, or a particular combination of settings. I just don't know which :) So any help would be appreciated!

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    Hi so if we start with dynamic damping now remember your not using the fanatec software, it’s game only when your using the Xbox, so dynamic damping from 0 to 100 and reduce it as needed, to start road effects to 0 bit a max of 15 steering lock to 1080, frequencie 400hz

    now you also have to take into account you have wheel settings also so can you list your settinds in ACC and your Wheel settings so i can reproduce your issue and find the best way to get you setup.

    I will get my settings and list them here in a bit. Did you say that you have the same issue on pc and xbox ?.

  • This is how i have mine set up but this is set for heavy steering , if you can show me your settings we will sort you out.

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    Hi Lee, thanks man, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me figure this out.

    I'm running on Xbox (not on PC, though I did try the PC's recommended settings), so I don't have the full set of settings that you have. But anyway I tried your settings, and the car ran like a house. I mean in a good way, super stable, rock solid. So then I simply started changing settings back to the way I had them before, one by one. And I've found the main culprit.

    You see, the recommended settings said the NIN (Natural Inertia) could be very low or off, depending on weather you pick the PC or Xbox recommendations. But you're running with a setting of 90. So like I said, I was just driving laps, changing something different every time. Then letting go of the wheel on the straights to see how the car would react. Most settings had minimal impact when I reverted them to what I had. But when I put the NIN back to 0 the wheel nearly took my fingers off :D Then when I added more NIN the car became stable on the straights once more. Edit: it's probably the combination of NIN and NFR.

    I'm still figuring out which levels of NIN and NFR I prefer, but this is definitely the thing that was making my car so unstable.

    So thanks a lot for sharing your settings! It helped me out a lot :)

  • Hi I’m glad it helped i run super heavyweight settings for vr, and i had seen a lot of people had the same issue, i find if you can setup a stable setup and then adjust to how you like it its half the battle, but I’m super glad you have the issue sorted, happy racing rick, glad to help, at least it was faster than waiting for fanatec customer service lol, may see you on the track some time :).

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    I'm playing ACC on Series X with a GT DD Pro and I'm looking for settings for a more powerful FFB than with the recommended settings.

    I'm currently using the CSL DD for Xbox settings suggested by Fanatec, but I find the steering really too light.

    If you have any good settings to suggest, I'm interested. Thanks

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