Fanatec DD Pro issues with GT7


Hello I am having trouble on GT7. I recently received my DD Pro and when I'm playing GT7 it's very hard to control the car on turns and impossible under braking. It feels like I'm locking up but I am not. I put the default recommended setting for both in game and my wheel but still it feels the same. I have played ACC on PC and it feels smoother than this. Has anyone had any issues like this?


  • Recommend you recheck all your connections such as the brake pedal to the base, power cords etc. Assure that you have the most recent firmware . Remove the wheel and reposition while obviously making certain the wheel locking device is a tight as can be.

    Review which mode you have the base in, blue, red, etc

    Try different PS5 GT7 in game settings as well as changing the settings for the wheel itself. As an example: on wheel settings C, keep 100 for the steering rotation and lower the force feedback down to 30. This will help you determine if it's a setting issue or something wrong with your wheel/pedal.

  • Recommended setups/settings can be very different to different people. Just take it as a starting point and tweak it from there and adjust how you like it.

    Different sim titles will feel different on the same settings. If you are lucky you may find settings from someone else which makes the 2 sim titles feel the same.

    Then you have different cars within the same sim title which feels different. And setups again for each car for different tracks! Tough life!

  • Hello Carol, i have the same "sensation", i'm alwais too large when i steer the wheel, and when i brake (when CSL load cell) the car doesn't brake, it goes straight. When i brake and i try to turn the wheel, the car goes straight. if i try the trail braking, it's better but i'm alwais too long when i brake.

    The biggest problem is that when i try to steer, the car goes straight!

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