CSL pedals LC. Gas and Clutch Pedal not working/flickering

I received my CSL Pedals LC yesterday. When i first hooked up the pedals only the lc brake was working. Later I tried to manually calibrate the clutch and gas people which then showed me input, but both kept constantly flickering (also ingame), even without any input. I messaged the support but no response so far. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I also tried reinstalling drivers, tired it on another pc, cleaning the pedals, but i can't resolve the problem. I had the problem since I got them. Also, the wires are connected properly and on the right pedals (checked it like 10 times)


  • Probably broke the board while updating using the usb and also be connected with a rj45 connector.

  • nope, this isn't possible since this is my only fanatec product. My pedals are connected only via usb

  • I just received nine.

    The clutch and LC shows stable levels for manual calibration while the throttle is flickering mallet between 0-100%.

    In automatic calibration mode, the throttle shows no sign of life.

    In short, mine is broken on delivery as well.

    my LC is connected to my pc via USB. I have no wheel base do it is impossible to assume I broke mine too.

  • Same problem here, I followed the instructions from the YouTube video when I received my LC bundle on Wednesday but no signal from the throttle or clutch. I’m also connecting it by USB (no Fanatec wheel base.) I opened a ticket on Thursday and waiting for a reply. It seems to be a somewhat common issue judging from the forums and the comments on the video.

  • Try to manually calibrate the pedals in the Fanatec Software. Most likely the Pedals will show input but they keep flickering, just as my pedals

  • Manual calibration maybe a hack if it is supposed to work with auto calibration however, I tried manual calibration and the flicker remains.

    Is this usable? Not at all because the flickering throttle causes all sorts of drivability problems.

    Waiting on RMA.

  • My issue was resolved with replacement pedals.

    My throttle now works without flickering.

    Both cailbration modes (auto and manual) works too.

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