Received a second hand ClubSport Wheelbase - no response from support after 1 week

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May 26th I received my Fanatec ClubSport Wheelbase V2.5 order from Fanatec.

Right away it was clear I was not the first owner of this item. The outer box had a previous label removed, the inner box had some dents, dirt and damage on the outside. Opening the box, it was clear it was a returned (or repaired?) item that was sent to me. And it wasn't very thoroughly inspected before sending it.

Don't know if it was by accident or on purpose but not sure what would be worse...

Anyway, I sent both an e-mail and filled in a contact form withing 2 hours from receiving the item but have not heard anything since.

The most annoying part is: I ordered it while it was in pre-order, so I already knew it would take some time and I was willing to wait for a new item. If Fanatec would have asked me in advance about sending me a returned item, I would have not agreed. If I wanted a second hand item, I would have turned to eBay, not to a prime brand webshop.

What I ask for:

  • I want to return this item
  • I want to receive a new item, that's what I paid for
  • I won't pay for sending it back, since this is not my mistake

Order #1075512


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    Hi mate,

    Maybe the parcel you received from US or EU or which country.

    Reason for asking is that I have received from re-seller and had left the labels from the courier fanatec used when sending to him. So maybe it was the original shipping labels from either the manufacturing country, or from eu to usa or anything.

    Regarding the damaged packaging you will see it 90% in all shipping boxes. Trust me you haven't watched how people in logistics are treating our boxes. (you can imagine that I got mined resealed with different than fanatec tape because of random customs control.

    Anyway, it is within your rights to sent it back. but issue the correct ticket.

    If you issued it to a different department might get lost.

    Sent to sales team again and attached also one form they have for the revocation.

    There was a similar post in the forum from another member.

    EDIT: Strange but the USA terms are different. 🙄

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    Thanks for your response.

    Inside the package, there are clear signs that it's been used before. The USB cable was crawling through the box, no cable ties. The adapter was in the white box (just like my CSL Elite) but the cable was clearly used before, no cable ties. The cardboard pieces were put in the box in a strange manner. There was a stain on the outside of the inner box (looks like dried up soup?). The tape on the outer box was clearly a second layer of tape (the first one was cut before). The address label has been removed before mine was put on the outer box. All signs of a used item. And the damage on the inner box was "unpacking" damage, not transport damage.

    I have received 4 Fanatec items before, everything was neatly tied together. I have worked in retail long enough to know this was clearly not a brandnew item.

    edit: added one of the pictures I took, a few minutes after opening the box

    edit: and a picture of the weird stain

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    Not a Fanatec personnel but tried to help you with the revocation forms.

    Better sent a pm to Dominic if he can check for you that the mail and form has been received and what would be the next step.

    EDIT: I would have gone appe shit if I was in your shoes 😇

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    And another picture that I just took now to show you the scratched mounting frame.

    Also I just noted the scratches next to the USB port. Someone obviously tried to push in a cable while it was upside down.

    Because I knew it would take a while to receive my pre-ordered wheelbase, I also ordered a CSL Elite with the Clubsport pedals, supa dupa shifters and V2 steering wheel that didn't have scratches, the boxes were 100% undamaged, the cables were tied, etc.

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    Update: received an e-mail from support just 30 minutes ago.

    Responded to it, attached the pictures.

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