GT7 Rim on Podium F1 (PS4) Wheelbase

Sorry, this is also posed in the "Steering Wheels" forum.

I've acquired a steering wheel from a GT DD and have it mounted to my Podium F1 (PS4) wheelbase, and it works... sort of. GT7 keeps configuring this arrangement as a CSL Elite.

My goal is to have the functionality of the 4 hat switches available for use in the game (ie: fuel trim, brake bias, TC, etc), but the bloody game won't accept this as a "GT DD Pro" and allow use of all the steering wheel's features.

Many thanks for your suggestions.


  • There are no suggestions possible here other than buy the GT DD PRO base to be able to use the 4 colored Dpads.

    They are not supported by GT7 on the Podium F1 DD1 Base and there is no way to get them working or the game recognize the wheel, it will always use the preset of the CSL Elite because GT7 uses hardcoded presets of Bases and not wheels.

  • Thanks, Maurice.

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