I miss arcade racing games.


Racing games nowadays go for being more realistic and I am not a fan of them. I often hear that Forza Horizon, Wreckfest, or Grid Legends are arcade racers and I was pretty excited to try them out, only to be completely dissatisfied with both of them. When I think of arcade racers, I expected for cars to be easy to handle as well as the excitement of drifting around corners pretty easily too, but neither of these games have ever come close to games like Ridge Racer, Burnout, or Midnight Club.

Recently bought Need for Speed: Heat and it was a breath of fresh air for me. The sense of speed, nitro boosting, and drifting turns is all I expected. Tried out The Crew 2 and Hotshot Racing checked off everything I wanted in a racing game. Those are actual arcade racers.

There's only one big problem I have with these games. They're all pretty dead. I see very little to nobody online on Heat or TC2 and as for Hotshot Racing, it's an indie game, so it died super quickly and it's a shame. I can't manage to get into an online races because the playerbases are so low. I think Forza Horizon took most of those players after hearing about how it's the best arcade racer, which I'm still trying to wrap my head around because FH is more simcade.

It's making me afraid for the future of arcade racers if it continues to be FH and Grid (even though I find Grid 2 to be better for having very arcadey handling).


  • Out of curiosity how do you feel about Mario Kart?

    I think I generally agree with you. It'd be nice if more racing games were arcadey and you could just pick them up and have fun. The racing sims require quite a few hours to do anything other than crash or race extremely poorly and it's a shame. Other genres in general seem to do a much better job of catering to casual players these days.

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