Absolutely Ridiculous

I have spent (like everyone else) hundreds of dollars with this company and here I am sitting on a set of Inverted Clubsport V3 pedals that are nothing more then a paper weight at the moment. I can not get in contact with anyone to help me, been waiting over a week now for support to contact me back and the next step for me is to contact the BBB.

This is a joke. We all pay a premium price for these products that constantly seem to have the same issues from all the research I've done and the support put in place to help us is non existent. At least offer the replacement parts we need on the website so we are not at the mercy of this pointless customer support. I will never buy another product from this company again. With that said I still need help with this $600+ paper weight you all call pedals. Get it together Fanatec.


  • I have often wondered why they dont have the parts listed. Why not list the cables, vibration motors for V3 pedals, load cell, etc. To start this company, design the software and hardware, set up the manufacturing, the market share that this company has, the media attention, and star power always using their equipment some aspects of the company are run like a small time mom and pop shop run out of a basement.

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