Very weak to no force feedback with DD PRO 8NM after latest GT7 update 1.15? Anyone else?

Hi there,

after a few weeks not playing GT7 on my PS5 I noticed that the Force feedback has been reduced to a point I thought my wheelbase was broken. But when I switch the DD Pro to Compatibility Mode it does seem to behave normally and as strong as before.

I connected the wheelbase to the PC, the FFB test works fine and I did reset all custom profiles just to make sure it's not a setting issue. When playing in PS5/PS4 mode the force feedback is literally gone. E

Ingame settings are 5 for force strength and 2 for sensibility. Increasing to 10 doesn't help too much either.

Does anyone else have the same problems?




  • Everyone has it as they drastically changed the FFB.

    With new update I am more or less happy with these settings now:


    FFB: 100


    NDP: 50

    NFR: 25

    NIN: OFF

    INT: 3

    FEI: 90

    FOR: 120

    SPR: OFF

    DPR: OFF

    GT7 in Game Settings:

    Force Feedback Max Torque: 10

    Force Feedback Sensitivity: 1

    With those settings the new FFB actually feels better than before because you no longer get the massive oscillations and the "over the edge" FFB behaviour is also massively improved where previously the FFB felt dull when driving over curbs in High speed corners and now with the new FFB you feel every curb and a lot more FFB Details in general in High speed corners.

    Key is that you HAVE TO use Max Torque 10 now and I also have to use FOR on the wheel at 120 to get decent Feedback around the center but as said with this settings it actually feels better than before!

  • I switched to compatibility mode and it seems to correct this. not ideal but it works as it did pre-patch.

  • Yes it "works" as it did pre update because CSL Elite FFB is unchanged. Has the same drawbacks as before like massive oscillations and dead FFB in High speed corners though which is completely fixed with native GT DD PRO mode.

  • Kim PSKim PS Member

    Thank you very much for your detailed answer! I am glad it's just a software issue that I wasn't aware of.

    Now I am actually excited to try the new settings, because I do agree with your comments regarding those "massive oscillations" and "dull" curb feelings.

    Again, thank you very much ☺️🙏

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    Its not really a software "issue".

    Imo they improved the FFB a lot and fixed all the FFB issues they previously had like extreme oscillations and dead FFB in high speed corners.

    So no issue but a big improvement for me here.

  • Kim PSKim PS Member

    Yup, strength was there in Comp. mode, but PS5/PS4 mode felt more detailed in my memory.

  • Kim PSKim PS Member

    Getting more excited to try the new settings later ... 😊

  • Exactly, and now the native mode feels even more detailed, especially in high speed corners you feel every little bump and cerb now where pre-patch or in comp mode after patch you feel basically nothing.

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    same problem here. really weak ffb after the update. i used these settings before:


    • SEN Auto
    • FF 100
    • FFS Peak
    • NDP 38
    • NFR Off
    • NIN Off
    • INT 2
    • FEI 100
    • FOR 100
    • SPR 100
    • DPR 100


    • Force Feedback Max. Torque: 5
    • Force Feedback Sensitivity: 1

    i'm going to try maurice's suggestion.

    edit: tried maurice's settings, feels much better. thanks mate! i only changed one thing: the 50 dampening was too much for me, i went back to 38. i'd still like a stronger ffb though. it would be nice if that was possible without losing the better fidelity from the new ffb in 1.15. maybe polyphony digital could make the max. torque range bigger, like 11 (maybe up to 20)?

  • Just wanted to say quickly that I agree fully with Maurice. The FFB is infinitely better now. I was instantly faster, more consistent and had a lot more fun.

    However, I use standard settings except NDP Off and INT 1.

  • Markus TMarkus T Member
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    It may be better with the new settings, but much too weak. There's barely any resistance on turn in, it just feels bad

    Plus you can see they (GT) messed up, as other wheels (that don't have any tuning options) have the same issue, that it is weak and almost non-existing.

  • Thanks Maurice!

  • I agree Markus, this game is way too weak now even with Maurice’s settings. I feel like there is no details coming through the wheel now… it’s brutal.

    massive downgrade imo to force feedback, no resistance or detail coming through on any settings I’ve tried

  • Wang Yu HoWang Yu Ho Member
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    Hi Everyone,

    For my DD1, I am using the settings below.

    However, I agree with the comments above that the turn-in needs more resistance, and I have lost some of the vibrations feel when the tire hits the ripple strips, it took me a little while to get the hang of the new change. Also, the steering wheel doesn't like to have the "Counter Steering Assist" turned on, and its force feedback will not work correctly.

    Fanatec should have better communication with PD so that Fanatec could prepare new recommended settings for their users. We are lucky to have an active user like Maurice who offers settings right away. Otherwise, we would be playing with settings for a long while. Even though I am using Maurice's setting as a baseline, it took me close to two hours to fine-tune to a setting that I liked to use on DD1. Thank you, Maurice!


    FFB: 74


    NDP: 50

    NFR: 25

    NIN: OFF

    INT: 3

    FEI: 90

    FOR: 110

    SPR: OFF

    DPR: OFF

    GT7 in Game Settings:

    Force Feedback Max Torque: 10

    Force Feedback Sensitivity: 1

  • Polyphony Digital:

    We confirmed an issue where certain steering wheel controller and vehicle combinations would cause excessively strong force feedback vibrations which could result in injury, and so we greatly reduced the force feedback/torque as a temporary emergency measure on those specific steering wheels.*

    However, this is only a temporary solution and we are working to improve performance and implement more suitable force feedback sensitivity for each controller through a future update.

    *Adjusted steering wheel controllers:

    ・Thrustmaster T-GT

    ・FANATEC Podium


  • BatatoBatato Member

    This is Horrible!!! I didn't pay nearly $1000.00 for 8nm gt dd pro kit to feel like i was using my g29 logitech wheel.

    FANATEC PLEASE CONTACT PD of Gt7 and get this fixed ASAP.

    I don't want a workaround i want this fixed...obvoiusly I'm talking about the forcefeedback is wayyyyyy to light.

    Btw...if the forcefeedback was to strong for the lightweights, they could always adjust the settings. Now we are ALL stuck with this temporary lightweight fix.

  • What a joke! So one guy/woman/X broke his nail (which was to long anyway!) and PD decides to make all wheels only suitable for toddlers?

    There is a huge problem with quality control I guess.

    And where is the official support from Fanatec?

  • This is all PD, Fanatec have nothing with this.

    Btw Thrustmaster TG-T also have the same problem

    Let's hope that PD will fix this soon, not in a few months 🤣

  • hey guys 👋🏼 where are you finding these detailed settings? ive plugged my DD pro into my PC and am only able to access the same settings as adjusting through the wheel.. also i really hope they fix the FF with a patch soon! im currently on comp. mode (purple) with 75% FF strength as the default mode (blue) feels far too limp and lacks detail imho. not ideal.. tyia for any help :)

  • after a few hours playing around with the advanced settings in game, working from maurice's recommendations i found these settings for my DD pro (8nm + load cell) work best for me: (at least for the time being on this patch..)

    (adv. settings DD pro)

    SEN - AUTO

    FFB - 100

    FFS - PEAK

    NDP - 35

    NFR - 35

    NIN - OFF 

    INT - 03

    FEI - 100

    FOR - 120

    SPR - OFF 

    DPR - OFF

    BLI - OFF 

    BRF - 75

    (GT7 in game settings) 

    FFMT - 10

    FFS - 10

    the added fidelity felt through the wheel with max FFS in game is a must imho..

  • Kim PSKim PS Member

    So finally I had the opportunity to test out the new recommended settings by Maurice.

    tl;dr: IMHO (!) the new setting does feel way more better: it provides much more detailed feedback than before 1.15 and I feel connected to the road and kind of feel the tires better than pre-patch.

    So thank you very much Maurice for providing your recommended settings so quickly after the new patch. Else I would have sent in my DD Pro and demanded a repair .... :D

    So why do I think the new settings feel much better? Long version ahead:

    I did actually pause playing GT7 because I strained my right hand and got a typewriter`s cramp. Why? Well, typing/mousing 10 hrs a day and then a few hours GT7 in the evening trying S8 (Zonda) on gold with the DD Pro 8NM can leave its mark on an untrained office guy (recommended settings)..

    In fact compared to the G29 I used before I had to "fight" with the DD Pro 8NM because on powerful cars (Tomahawk, anyone?) it was just too strong, literally unplayable. And that was no fun. Furthermore while the DD Pro is definitely stronger when it comes to power/NM, stronger does not equal better.

    Actually, and I wonder if anyone else tried out: with 1.15 and Maurice's settings you are now able to drive the Tomahawk. Before the patch it was impossible IMO with the recommended settings.

    Saying so,I do feel with those who complaining that it feels weaker than before. Because it certainly is since there is no headroom to adjust to personal preferences.

    But I am confident this will and can be patched.

  • BatatoBatato Member

    1.16 is out and supposedly fixed ffb...cant wait to get off work to test it.


  • It fixed the FFB strength but broke the FFB Details in corners.

  • Probably they will change this in the future, this was the easiest way to bring ff back.

    But, it's fascinating that they fucked up ff because of three stupid Vision cars 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I've got the GT DD Pro base and GT wheel and McLaren GT3 V2, I'm getting issues playing GT7 where I get loss of gears, wheel screen goes off both for a time like a minute or two or even having to reset the base to get it back. I've also had the other day complete loss of FFB in a race which was strange so I'll try Maurice's settings and fingers crossed

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