Hairpins McLaren GT3 V2 Wheel

I have the csl dd pro 8nm and the mclaren wheel. I was doing the daily race C yesterday in Gr3 at Red Bull Ring and found the sharp hairpin at the end of the straight ( turn 2?) difficult to negotiate. I’m not sure if I have too much range in the wheel or something but it felt like I had to turn past 90 degrees to get it to turn around the corner and I was losing heaps of time.

Are people using a reduced wheel range or is there some other setting I should be tweaking?


  • I use a round wheel, so it's no issue other than it's more work. But if i used a wheel like you have i would reduce the range for sure.

  • Psql .Psql . Member

    I just steer more in tight corners without removing my hands.

    You should be able to turn the wheel more than 90 degree without removing your hands. If your technique is good you could make a 180 degree turn to one side without removing your hands. Then it will be much easier to make hairpin turns.

  • Sounds like your steering lock is set too high and by only turning 90 degrees in either direction, you're only utilizing a small portion of the range that your car is capable of turning.

    As Psql D suggests, it should be possible for most people to keep both hands on the wheel and turn 180 degrees in either direction. I don't have GT7 (or a PS5 for that matter), but In games like DR2.0 I'll set my SEN to somewhere between 420 and 450, Gives you a bit more than 180 in either direction, while still being possible to hold with both hands, and by setting it a bit higher than 360 like that, it makes steering inputs less eager to overreact.

  • Thanks guys. I checked my settings and I might be an idiot. Looks like I had the setting for wheel range on 1080 rather than auto. I gotta double check later but perhaps that’s thrown off my steering lock.

  • Let me know if Auto works. I'm curious to know how good GT7 sets each car up and I haven't been back since the 1.15 patch first came out.

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