Is CSL Elite (PS4) compatible with older PS3 console & GT5/GT6?

Is a new CSL Elite wheel & base bundle for PS4 compatible with an older PS3 console for legacy GT5 & GT6 games?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Native support is not available with the CSL Elite for PS4.

  • To be clear, the CSL Elite + Model is specifically noted for PS4 compatibility. My question is: is this unit also capable of being used on a PS3 console for GT5 & GT6 gaming or is there something about PS4 compatibility that prevents its use with the older console?

  • It will almost certainly not work. Previously, Fanatec sold PS3 compatible wheels. Sony requires strict licensing and compatibility, so nothing just works out of the box. I think what Joseph was alluding to is that some third party devices may form an emulation layer between the two that would let it work. Search online for something like that if you are interested, but they are not cheap.

  • hi there all and not wanting to counter jeffrey specifically however the CSL elite for PS4 wheel and base does actually have a compatibility mode which i have been led to believe will allow it to work with a ps3 and thus gt5 + gt6 ....and whilst i havent set it up i did actually buy a ps3 and gt5+6 in the hope this will work settle things id suggest sending a support email to fanatec and getting their opinion

  • so does it work???

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    I can confirm that it does not work! Only my Clubsport wheel base V2 works properly with the PS3 because of the PS3 mode which is available on that base. Technically it should not be a problem at all to implement such a compatibility mode in the PS4 Version of the CSL Elite wheel base (couldn't that be done via firmware update?). I can guess that this has not been implemented because of some license issues - unfortunately...

    In addition to that Cronusmax plus, DriveHub and CronusZen won't help here as well. All these devices do not support 'wheel mode' for PS3. Too bad.

    So the quesrion goes to Fanatec why we do not have such a compatibility mode on the PS4 wheel base?

  • Granted this is an old thread but Just recently bought CSL ELite base and wheel combo and can confirm it DOES work on the PS3 in pc mode using collective minds Drivehub just fine. PS3 controller set to 2nd when need the playstation button.

    + Clubsport V3 pedals and Shifter SQ connected to base.

    Im able to play Daytona USA and GT5 and 6 just fine. Rev leds, shifter, paddles, view buttons etc, it all just works.

  • Thanks Peter, I just bought a Drivehub, will try my setup with GT6 tonight ! The wheel is recognized as a T500RS or a G27 ?

  • I just tried it with the newest firmware on the Drivehub but couldn’t get it to work.

    CSL Elite is on PC mode, Drivehub in port 1, 2nd controller wireless as nr 2.

    Am I missing something?

  • G27 or G29, it was one of those two, id have to boot the ps3 up again when i get a chance.

    Does the wheel joystick work in the ps3 menu? If it does without going wobbly like it does in PS4 mode then it should've worked. What game you trying to play with it? If it's GT as above, set wheel to either G27 or 29.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    The joystick and buttons work in both the PS3 menu and ingame menu of both GT5 & GT6. It doesn’t react on throttle, braking and steering.

    I’ve tried GTA5 and however the mapping is odd, the throttle and brake does seem to work (left/right).

    I’ve connected it with the wheel in the Controller port of the Drivehub and no other controller connected. Only 1 wireless.

    How can I set the wheel as G25 or G27?

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    With wheel set to PC mode, connect wheel base to wheel/controller port of Drivehub then turn on Ps3. Led on drivehub will change to E or 3 whichever way you face it lol.

    I just tested it again. The wheel OP button accesses game options. The wheel settings there are just button configs for various wheel setups. The wheel and peddles should work, no other setting required.

    Recorded a little video of GT6. Hope it helps.

  • Thanks! Got it working for about 10 minutes, then it disconnected.. We’re getting closer, haha!

  • Older thread, but has anyone got the drivehub to stay connected after several minutes of use on the PS3. My CSW 2.5 connects to the PS3 using GT6 just fine using the method described above, but disconnects after several minutes and I get an unrecognized usb notification. Any way to keep the drivehub from disconnecting to the PS3.

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