Order Stats?

I placed a few orders a couple of weeks ago and have yet to revive any updates.

In the orders page, all it says is "Preorder".

How come no estimated ship date at lease?

Any realistic ideas on when my stuff will get to me? I'm located in the USA.


  • Hey Jaime, my personal experience is the order page only shows a generic status of preorder, open (in progress), & processed (completed).

    The preorder/next availability dates are on the individual product pages. The only notifications you get get are order received and order shipped (with tracking info).

  • Hi,

    My order has preorder as well, but under it says the availability date as June 5th 2020. However, on the product site it says June 12 available. Im not sure which one to go by.

  • Hi,

    I ordered and paid for a set of products on the 30th of April. The availability date was set to the 12th of June, however without notification it has been set to the 3rd of July.

    The warranty of all products started on the date I purchased the set. Will this be changed as well? If everything is delivered on the 3rd of July, will the warranty start from this date too? Can someone provide me any feedback?


  • I have the same problem on my side. I placed the order on May 17th and since the bundle (DD1 + F1 Wheel + Pedals V3) I got was listed for availability on June 5th I've been waiting paciently to receive updates from you until this day. So today is 5th and I just want to know what's the ETA on my order.

  • I placed a large order in the middle of may with orders being filled by June 5th according to the website. June 5th comes around and I hear nothing from fanatec. I check my order status and everything I ordered magically turned into a July pre order. Not one notification that my order was severely delayed and now one of the items doesn’t even have a availability date even though their website says the new availability is sometime in July. I’ve sent multiple tickets. It’s been weeks now and have heard nothing from fanatec. Spend 2500 bucks on stuff and you can’t even keep me updated with what’s going on. Very annoyed 😠

  • I hate not getting a response about my order in early May!!!! What is going on with my order?

  • The shame of it is I used a Logitech and it worked fine but I let a buddy talk me into fanatec and this is the service they provide lol

  • Guys

    I doubt this will make you feel any better but I went through the exact same thing. Ordered April 18th and finally got this email this morning

  • i am now on this stage my tracking are made 20/06/2020 on the week-end , i dont really like how longer can take or no answer of our question

    am waitimg about 1months soon and a twitch player does buy an product on start on the months and got it after only 7 days (one week) and he all here to awaiting.. over for 1500$ im scary to someone stolen my package !

  • I finally received one of my items. Took over a month longer than they advertised. I now have 4 more items I’m waiting for. 3 of which are “ready to ship” but have been sitting there for over a week now and nothing’s getting shipped to me. The other item just keeps getting delayed repeatedly. Other great thing is their customer service. It’s like they only answer if they feel like it.

  • Ok. Update! So I ordered my stuff in mid may. All products I had ordered were to to ship out by June 9th. One day I decided to check on my order status and everything g was moved to mid July without any heads up. I opened a ticket and it took about 2 weeks to hear anything back. One of my items became available and I had to open another ticket about partially sending me the one item. A week later they replied and shipped the item out. When the items become available it takes them about 4-6 days to actually ship it out. It’s not close to mid may and I have finally received all of my items. The dates they gave me were constantly changed so be aware of this.

  • Sine I started this post, I'll update that finally I received my order last week. Seems they are getting caught back up now.

    Good job Fanatec :)

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