[PC] Do wheel LEDS work in DR2.0?

So im new to all fanatec gear this might be me doing something wrong. I posted this on reddit but thought it may be better to discuss here.

I cant get the led screen or Rev lights to work in DR2.0. They work fine in the driver test and in another game so they are operational. Running fanalab 1.64.5, enabled both green tabs/buttons but fanalab still states telemetry is not initialized. Is there something I need to do in game or in the config files? Just trying to learn so I can troubleshoot future issues myself.

Clubsport RS wheel DDpro wheel base in PC compatibility mode. If I run in PC mode the game will not recognize or let me calibrate the wheel. Is the compatibility mode the reason leds don't work?


  • Working fine here what I did do was in the led section on fanalab select the primary display you want in my case its speed then second I have gear change.

    On the right side I had to change something to get the speed indicators working but I can not remember what it was.

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