DD1 randomly disconnects during races in GT7

My DD1 with Podium Porsche and V3s disconnected 2-3 times today after approximately 15 minutes. The PS5 simply showed “controller disconnected”, while the DD1 stays on (PS4/PS5 mode). I’m using 4.42 with the latest firmwares.

I restarted PS5, and DD1, and the same thing happened again (simply turning on and off DD1 in race resulted in disconnecting again) . After another restart and plugging the turned off DD1 into the already on PS5 and then turning on the DD1, the issue went away and I played for about 45 minutes.

I had the same thing occur weeks ago (4.40 with respective firmwares at the time), which was solved by restarting the equipment.

I don’t recall this ever happening with GT Sport or GT7 before (no issues in weeks of gameplay) on the same PS5. I have not experienced this on PC ever.

Did anyone ever have this issue, or maybe have insights into what this could be?

I’m a bit concerned that my DD1 might develop an issue, but I guess it could just be flukes or something in 4.40/4.42 (didn’t happen with earlier versions), or a patch?


  • Thisbis a known Firmware issue which is currently investigated.

  • Thank you, that actually saves me a lot of testing and worrying about what it could be :)

  • The exact same thing happens to me with the DD pro.

    The strange thing is that I updated to 442 from day one, and it had passed me until today. It has bothered me all day, I have tried to change the usb on the console, but nothing, it kept disconnecting randomly.

  • Hello, I'm still having this same problem with my DD1 on beta firmware 443. Even though the beta firmware says that this issue should now be fixed, I had another disconection yesterday July 31, 2022. Have tried to change usb inputs and it still does it. No issues while playing on pc, just randomly disconnects while playing on ps5. I have to turn off the base and turn in back on in order to get it to work again.

  • i have the same problem ddpro wheel disconnects during race/gameplay.

  • Hello, I have the same issue when driving GT7. Firmware up to date. Problem occurs random. Cables are checked, found ok. Cables never move. I speak to more people who have similar issues.

    • First time issue occurred about 3 months ago.
    • Firmware updated, issue did not occur
    • GT7 update came, issue came back
    • No new firmware available
    • New GT7 update, problem disappeared
    • New GT7 update, issue re-appeared

    Fanatec please advise. Thanks. Rob

  • Hello, I have the dd1 with the steering wheel of the gt7 dd pro, and when I'm playing gt7 sometimes 20 minutes and another 25 minutes the steering wheel is disconnected from the game, is there any solution?? Thank you

  • Fanatec? Do you have a solution to this problem or do I have to send the product to the factory? Since I'm on time to send it? Every time I play ps5 gt7 I can't play because it disconnects continuously,? Are you going to give a solution or do I return the product? I'm asking, thank you

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