Project card 2 for ps4 pro

I just got a cls elite f1 for ps4 pro, works great with GTSport, but when I switch to project cars 2 the system will not see the weel. It only sees the wireless controller.

any help would be great


  • PC2 is in the supported list with driver 335 or newer. What driver do you have?

    There is a note for PC1: It might be necessary that you start the game using your gamepad/controller and then confirm the wheel as your input device with a button press at the launch screen of the game. In most cases the game will ask for pressing the "x" Button.

    Maybe it also applies to PC2. No experience here, just trying to help.

  • Works like a charm here. I always have the wireless controller off though (only use my wheel).

  • As above you have to start the game with the wheel controller... do not turn the dualshock on until your wheel is recognised as the main input

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