I am very pleased

A few weeks ago I had a problem with my Wheelbase's power supply, the cables somehow chafed off. An email and a call to support was very friendly and courteous - and I immediately received a new power supply unit to exchange. Thank you for the fast delivery and the nice email exchange!! :-)

Bin sehr zufrieden

Ich hatte vor ein paar Wochen ein Problem mit dem Netzteil meiner Wheelbase, die Kabel haben sich irgendwie abgescheuert. Ein Mail und ein Anruf beim Support war sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend - und ich erhielt sofort ein neues Netzteil zum Austausch. Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung und den netten Mailaustausch!!


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    This is a troll, fanatec don’t do phone calls lol shame on you lol and they also don’t do exchanges lmfao

  • Really?

    @Rainer Lobinger When did you 1st contact support? When did they reply? When did you receive the return postage slip? Need dates please.

    2-3 weeks is standard Fanatec reply, isn’t it? They say they will send one out to you, you say, ok. 2-3 weeks they send a return delivery, You post it off. 2-3 weeks later they send out replacement. You receive it 2-3 weeks later…

  • Yeah OP's wording is very vague. Makes it sound like Fanatec immediately shipped him a replacement power supply while he was still in possession of his current one. Which is something that I have yet to hear that Fanatec does with anything they sell. I've specifically asked them to do exactly that when I had to RMA my CSL DD for a second time, and they flat-out refused.

  • Sometimes they do send things out prior to the return - has happened to me.

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    Would like to add my thanks to Fanatec support operation.

    While it is easy to call out a bad experieince, we often forget to call out a good experience.

    Had problems with a faulty QR1 Lite supplied with a McLaren GT3 wheel.

    Fanatec support responded promptly and sent out a replacement QR1 Lite .....sadly while a small improvement this unit also falied in the same way as the first.

    After further discussion with Fareed at Fanatec Support, a 3rd unt was dispatch after few days.

    This unit is totally succesfull.

    Qudos to Fanatec for supporting their product.

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