CSL DD (8nm) Settings for BeamNG.drive

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So here I am to help anybody that needs a good Setting for BeamNG.drive. I looked it up for myself and found out that there is not much to find in the WWW. So I had to create it by myself (Formula V2.5 PC Rim) and here are my results:


Steering type = 1:1 (may not reach full lock)

Steeringlock = 900 Degrees

Inverted = OFF

Linearity = 1

Deadzone (both) = OFF

Force Feedback = ON

Force Feedback inverted = ON

Force Feedback strength = 250

Force Feedback smoothing = 60

Reduce strength while parked = ON

Side achsle feedback = 5%

Force Feedback update rate limit = 1000hz (thats the maximum of the CSL DD)

Force Feedback update type = fast (default)

Use Responsion Correction curve = OFF


SEN = 900

FFB = 100


NDP = 35

NFR = 3


FEI = 100

FOR = 100

SPR = 100

DPR = 100




ACP = CbP - Clutch bite Point

CBP = 100

BeamNG.drive is a high-fidelity Game and its physik can change from car to car, so there is some fitting for each car needed.

What I did:

  1. Open the Game BeamNG.drive
  2. Choose Map Hirochi Raceway
  3. Choose your car of choice (I did it with all the Race Configurations of the different cars in the Game)
  4. Spawn your car on Finishline
  5. Choose Hoodview camera
  6. Open UI-Settings
  7. Choose Force Feedback Diagramm
  8. Display it on the bottom-middle in your Screen (so that it sits at the area were the hood is and deosnt block any part of the track)
  9. Start driving a few test laps
  10. When FFB-Diagramm shows Clipping (Line of FFB reaches top or Bottom and FFB is on its Maximum)
  11. Then go to Car-Tuning-Menu (ctrl+m I believe) and turn the Individual FFB of the Car 10% lower
  12. Then drive a few test laps again
  13. Repeat the Process if needed or else enjoy the Beautiful Physics, the Modelling and the great Force Feedback of BeamNG.drive


Its a really great Game! And with the CSL DD (8nm) you really can cost out the limits of this game and your driving capabilitys. Enjoy ;)

Credits to Erms🤙


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