(SOLVED) F1 22 (PC) - Extreme lagging when FFB activates

edited June 2022 in F1 20xx


In every corner or bump on the straight the hole computer lag spike depending on the amount of FFB outputted. While talking to my friends on discord, they lag too. It somewhat works when turning FFB off in the game, however, there are still some small lag spikes sometimes. One of my friends had the exact same problem in F1 2021 but fixed it by going back to PC Driver 347.

What I've tried:

  • Using PC drivers 312, 347, 412 & 439 and their included firmware
  • Using compatibility mode
  • Verifying game files
  • Installing the latest graphic drivers

My setup:

CSL Elite PS4

ClubSport Formula V2

CSL Elite Pedals (with LC)

Current drivers/firmware:

PC Driver: 439

Base: 689

Motor: 22

Wheel: 44

Pedals: 1.10


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