Weird Force Feedback on F1 22

My main problem with F1 22 is the Force Feedback. I use the same settings like in F1 2021 and it feels extremely weird. I have very low forces on the straights, but heavy forces in slow speed corners. 

In those slow speed corners it doesn't center itself which doesn't feel natural.


Does anyone have this feeling too?


I am using the Fanatec CSL DD with the Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals.


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    Hi, yeah same for me.

    I have lowered NDP to 10 in Fanatec Control Panel and set ingame On Track to 10, Rumble and Off Track to 20 and Wheel Damper to 5.

    These settings work better for me, but still not perfect.

    i hope these info can help you.

  • Turn the in game damper to zero and use the fanatec software if needed, I run 0 in game and 30 on the fanatec driver

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    I have gone little different way.

    wierd indeed and far from 2021 version.

    So far what i came up with that felt closer to 2021 or at least towards better.

    Using GT DD pro 8nm.


    Rotation: auto

    FFB: 100

    NNP: 20-25 (General dampning)

    NFR: 50-75 (feels like this adds some ffb on the straighs)

    Int: 0 (game is so smoothed out compared to older)

    Rest is standard

    Ingame using standard setting except:

    Damper: 0-1 (this one seems wierd)

    f1 cars Rotation: 300-320 (to close in on that wierd gap the ffb has).

    Im not a pro racer but i like to have some forces felt.

    Thing is we all prefer differnt ways to drive, im not going after the fastest way im more after the real thing. exept i cant handle the real forces so i guess mine is still quite low.

    Advice is always welcome :D

    Edit: forgot to say this is on PC

  • For sure the in game damper is what makes it feel so weird, even at 10 is is like a marshmallow, but have to keep in mind these cars have no power steering irl as well so they are heavy to drive and they are weight heavy too

  • Indeed, i felt the same with the ingame damper, prefer bump it up in on the fanatec side instead.

  • I dont think thats correct, F1 cars do use power steering as it is needed because of the high grip forces generated due to downforce.

  • F1 cars do have power steering. These new cars with ground effect feel like they are lumbering around the track. That is from reports of actual drivers. At low speeds they have much less "feel". The new low profile tires and the way the downforce effects the cars even at low speeds are gonna make it feel wonky for awhile.

    Also remember that this is the first modern F1 title to have the new regulations. Comparing it to other titles in the series or even other F1 sim games won't help us much here.

  • Hi,

    I finally gave it a try and f1 2021 recommended settings are really strange indeed. Using only settings for the wheel and keeping default settings in game works better for me (once again in a really quick test ) .

    Can’t wait for fanatec recommended settings since I am not really good in tuning this (and their settings for previous games feels right for me ) .

    using csl dd 8nm and csl elite of pedals (connected to the wheel base) by the way

  • Ive been messing with this for hours trying to get it right, and i believe that the ffb is inverted. it feels heavy when it should feel light, and light when it should feel heavy. this is not uncommon in sims, which is why most games have a check box in the ffb settings to invert the ffb, but f1 22 distinctly lacks this. Is there any other way to invert ffb through fanatec settings or a third party tool? i cant seem to find any answers to this.

  • There is another thread in this forum where some of us have shared our settings. You might check there until "official" settings are published.

  • They certainly made SOME improvements. The FFB at the moment you lose grip is better, the kerbs are MUCH better, and even off-track (iirc).

    HOWEVER. It is still absolute trash and a terrible look for Codemasters, especially with the whole "EA will ruin this franchise, and studio" expectation, they really needed to come out with a banger. The F1 series has gone up and down, with some early 2010's games really adding depth to the experience with different "schools" in career, and other modes, as well as the driving experience really improving, with a few real duds too.

    F1 2017 was a big step, lots of changes, and it really defined the franchise. F1 2018 was the complete, ironed out, polished version. Then it got stale, and once again removed more than it added. 2018-2019-2020-2021, especially the last 3, are almost just "roster updates".

    The one big compliment is they changed the driving model for the better. After 'rona had the youngster F1 drivers streaming, especially the "Official" races being held in F1 2019, they talked about how the car is too finicky and the real car is almost "easier" to drive because you don't just lose the rear end so often, amongst other feedback.

    So F1 2020 was the same game, but now with calibrated driving mechanics. 2021 was the same game. And all the while Fanatec dropped a bombshell with a Direct Drive that was 1/3rd the price of the cheapest DD. And since then we've had HORDES of new sim racers, and a whole community with DD wheelbases. Now, people can actually feel the cars, and the wheels can be too strong to turn if set incorrectly.

    Assetto Corsa updated their driving model, ACC put out an absolute monster with the best FFB I've driven, iRacing has great FFB, no matter the quirks, they actually have detail, you can "feel" a car. But F1, in three years, hasn't changed anything. I don't feel a car, at all. Best I can do is set it to a "drivable" level and I'll get kerb effects like a fking controller, and the wheel will snap if I lose it. And that's with just so much time spent tinkering with settings.

    May be that's a bit harsh. I mean, I CAN save some spins with a DD that I couldnt with a G29, but that can just be experience. But the point is, it's immeasurably disappointing that I fire up F1 22 and the wheel is immediately vibrating in the menu. Then the car is either a tank that I cant turn even at low speeds, or it's always a bit light and you just don't feel any detail at all. Basically: tinker until you can SIMULATE a real wheel tightening up at speeds and easing up in slow corners, which will take time, wont really work well and won't actually correlate to the car's behavior, just converting speed to FFB force. OR, lighten everything and basically use it like a controller, only input, no feedback. There aren't the outrageous, straight up illegal, absolute corporate greed, willful ignorance, and outright evil arrogance, of "Sense of Pride and Accomplishment" and "Ultimate Team", and if they just wanna sell cool "gear" for real, but forgotten if YOU CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT THE DRIVING WHEN WE COMPLETELY CHANGE THE CARS. Stop selling F1 Game-Licensed "Official" Fanatec bundles, until you add FFB for all the people that bought the Elite F1/Podium F1 bundles and annual F1 Wheels, and the HORDES of people who straight up said "I bought a GT/CSL DD 8nm for F1 22", "I bought this wheel/pedal set/cockpit" for F1 22.

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