F1 No Assists League PS4/PS5

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Hey everyone. Thought I would post to my Fanatec bros first before posting this code anywhere else.

The league will be no assists, (except for racing line and transmission selection) One-shot Qualifying, Full car setups, 50% length, standard damage.

Race Times:


6:00pm Pacific Time

Invite Code:



  • very interested, I'll be joining you

  • Hey I'm not sure who from this forum joined my league but I couldn't connect to the servers at all during the time. It doesn't look like anyone has times and everyone got a hit for attendance so maybe I wasn't the only one?

    Super sorry about that. Hopefully next Tuesday will go smoother.

  • I missed it this week, hopefully next tuesday I'll be able to join you

  • I tried joining today but the code didn't work, it was 630 pacific time though

  • EDIT:

    The league has been closed. I tried leaving it set to public but it was only 2 people and 18 others that would never show up and we couldn't vote to kick them. Below I will be posting a new invite code for an application only league.

    Just a note here. If you join a league it is a 24 week commitment. Every Tuesday at 6pm pacific time. Each event usually takes about 40 minutes. I will be voting to kick players with poor attendance but within reason. You can always message me in PSN and let me know you will be gone.

    Also feel free to add me. PSN - WIKD_REBELLION.

    Invite code:


  • Definitely, that's what I'm looking for

  • I may reduce the race count for season 1 I haven't fully decided yet.

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