Dirt Rally 2.0 MASSIVE FPS drop when using CSL DD

Hi collective brain,

I've tried asking and looking everywhere with absolutely no luck so here I am!

CSL DD, V3s, WRC Wheel.

I play ACC, Wreckfest, project cars and another driving game, all flawlessly.

The moment I load up Dirt Rally 2.0 (one of my favourites) my FPS goes from a solid 120 down to 15. This makes the game unplayable.

The moment I disconnect the wheel base,straight back up to 120fps, reconnect, dices to 15 again.

I've tried different usb ports, different modes, not using fanalab,using fanalab, a different wheel, compatibility mode, uninstalling the game and Fanatec stuff, absolutely everything. No luck.

All my hardware is running well within spec, CPU and GPU well under maximum, nothing is working the game too hard, it just doesn't like the Fanatec gear.

Any ideas at all?!

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