CSS Shifter + GT7 - Enter track in Neutral.

Hey all,

I am playing GT7 with the CSS Shifter and I have an issue. When using Sequential mode, any time I leave a Rolling Start or Auto-Drive, I will spawn on the track in Neutral. I can then shift up/down without any issues, and the car remains in gear no problem. Also, H-Pattern mode works just fine - this only happens in Sequential Mode.

I used this exact same setup on GT Sport and never had this issue - so I can only assume this is an issue with GT7, the latest Fanatec firmware, or perhaps Drivehub firmware. Can any one advise me? Thank you so much.

TLDR: GT7 seems to register the Sequential mode as having a Neutral gear and it shouldn’t.


  • I have solved this problem, and I will post my findings here for posterity.

    This is actually a software glitch that occurs specifically when you switch from SQ - H - back to SQ.

    The solution is to force the wheel setup to recalibrate by cycling the USB, which seems to ‘clear the cache’. Forcing GT7 to close still doesn’t solve it. To reiterate, this may simply be an issue with Drivehub, and power cycling the Drivehub is what is actually fixing it. Perhaps the CSS works fine when ran into a PS5 supported Fanatec wheelbase.

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