Defective CSL PEDALS

edited July 2022 in Pedals

Bought the CSL pedals with load cell and my pedals do not work. There’s no input whatsoever. I bought the USB ADAPTER with them because I have a different wheel base, I tried to use the FANATEC APP to get input with no success, I then tried to use the Microsoft USB tool to get an input.

still nothing, I looked through forums and I’ve seen that a fair amount of people have had the same issue, those people sent the pedals back to FANATEC and get them swapped out and they worked straight away. Just plug an play. Could a FANATEC team member possibly get back to me ASAP, I sent out two emails regarding this matter and have had no replies, I want them swapped out for a new set.


  • Why did you buy usb adapter? CSL Pedals LC doesn't need it, and it wouldn't work with LC anyway.

    Inside the package there should be instructions for correct assembly.

  • Has this issue been resolved?

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