Podium Hub not working on Podium Racing Wheel F1

I just received my Podium Racing Wheel F1 this week. I purchased the Podium Porsche 911 GT3 R with it. The F1 Wheel works fine but the Porsche wheel doesn't work at all. I suspect its the Podium hub. I disconnected the paddles and button module and tried reconnecting just the Podium Hub and it's not getting recognized by the wheel or Fanatec Control Panel. I tried the device recovery for the steering wheel firmware and it gave and error message. Attached are some photos of the Podium Hub and firmware versions. Any help would be appreciated.

PC Driver Version: 443

DD1 Motor Firmware:

DD1 Firmware:

Wireless Quick release Firmware: 6


  • Hi.

    Sounds like a similar problem. For me, the Formula steering wheel was also recognized without any problems. The Podium Hub and the Universal Hub do not. The problem was only solved after replacing the Quick Release Hub.

    But no matter what some people write here. The support was always available here in Germany (telephone) and very helpful. The repair was also very fast.

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    I am experiencing the same problem. My DD2 works fine with Mclaren GT3 wheel but won't detect the new Podium Hub. Drivers and firmware are up to date (444).

    Have you sorted it out Jaebum?

  • Hi, i have the same problem everything works fine with my formula 2.5 wheel, but when i connect the podium hub the base restarted and didnt recognized it. Drivers and firmware are up to date (439).

  • I have the same problem. I purchased the F1 podium wheel and dd1 base, works fine. I also purchased the club sport podium porsche wheel and it won't get recognized by the base. I've got a message into the tech support.

  • It's been 8 days since I reported my problem and I am still exchanging emails with the support. It takes them 2-3 days to respond! In the last email they asked me for a video to proof that my DD2 base works fine with Mclaren GT3 wheel but not with Podium Hub. Apparently my written message is not convincing enough.

  • I have the exact same problem, the base never detects the porsche steering wheel with podium hub while with the f1 wheel everything works. I sent a request to fanatec after-sales service this is unacceptable for equipment at this price

  • I bought my podium with the F1 wheel, and it won't recognize the wheel when I turn the base on. If I remove the wheel and reinstall then it recognizes it, and I can configure controls

  • My Podium Hub is dead even if I attach it on its own, without a wheel and buttons. Fanatec said the Hub is fine so I had to send my DD2 for repair.

  • I just bought the Fanatec Podium Steering Wheel GT World Challenge. After receiving a physically damaged podium hub, I had it RMA and after a few weeks I have received the new podium hub. But guess what I am having the same issue. It does not get recognized by my podium f2 dd1. It looks like something repetitive and Fanatec should already a fix for that. If the fix is to replace the quick release than please offer that from the start. It has been 2 months that I bout the GT World Challenge steering and I haven't played 1 minute with it. I hope that they will fix it soon.

  • I sent my DD2 for repair because of the issue with Podium Hub but they could not fix it. I got a brand new DD2 instead.

  • I have the exact same issue with my DD2 + podium hub. The podium hub works on my friend's CSL DD so it's def something wrong with my DD2, so frustrasting.

  • I have the same issue, with my new Podium Porsche GT3 wheel. All other wheels work fine. But this one with a podium hub (the only podium hub i own) is not being recognized.

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    FFS, I have exactly the same issue. Works with the F1 wheel, but not the podium hub I bought for other games. The idea of having to ship the heavy base to wherever (probably $500 round trip, and pay import fees etc. again) and wait for it to MAYBE get fixed really burns my butt.

    Seriously, has nobody found a solution for this besides shipping the wheel base back?

  • OK, I can add another to this issue...

    I have just purchased DD1 (F1 Podium bundle) to replace my CSW2.5.

    I have the F1 wheel, the McLaren v2 and a Podium hub. All three work with the DD1.

    I also have a Clubsport Universal hub. IT WAS working on the DD1, but now it's not detected at all. I can attach it to my CSW2.5 base, and it works fine, but not on the DD1.

    So I have 3 wheels that work fine, and 1 was working, but now doesn't. Very strange.

    I've tried multiple levels of driver and firmware, but no change.

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    Ditto here.

    I had purchased a DD1 Podium F1 and initially had no issues with my PORSCHE 911 GT3 R then suddenly it was incompatible. My DD1 was RMA'd and I was sent a new one, again...it was working fine until one day I started getting incompatible wheel messages (now it's intermittent). I've again contacted support, maybe get my hubs replaced (what are the odds both my podium hubs have issues). It really is a toss up when the wheelbase decides to recognize the wheel. I have to constantly reboot the wheelbase and/or unplug/plug power just to have it be recognized. F1 podium wheel works perfect tho! Anyone here have tried the new beta firmware (448) to see if that fixes the issue?

  • Hello, I'm having the same issue, F1 podium wheel works every time, however Porsche podium wheel doesn't get recognized. I have to shut down DD1, remove the wheel, power on DD1 without the wheel attached, then attach F1 podium wheel, remove it and attach the porsche wheel . After loads of fiddling it would gte recognized finally...anyone found a solution?

  • Same issue. It seems like to change a new base from aftersales cannot solve the problem???

  • Exactly the same problem

    Had DD Pro with Porsche podium, GT and BMW wheels, everything was working fine

    Upgraded to DD1 and sold my DD Pro with the GT and BMW wheels and kept the Podium Porsche whee for my F1 DD1 bundle and is now not found by the base. The F1 works perfectly fine

    Seems like a lot of people have this problem with both DD1 and DD2 for the past 6 months

    Fanatec come on! these are your top products, you can’t just not address this

  • Same Issue here.

    Just recently bought a DD1 F1 bundle on discount and 3 wheel bundle on black Friday.

    DD1 Was working fine with all 4 other wheels but didn't recognize Podium Hub (no matter if PBME or PAPM connected or not) also when connecting that Podium hub the DD1's display shut off.

    Even the power button didn't work after that so had to disconnect Podium Hub and PSU. Then after reconnecting PSU and powering back up all other wheels works again.

    The latest symptoms before RMA of the Podium Hub and the F1 bundle were as follows.... Wheelbase completely shutting off in middle off driving, usually in corner but on rally in straights also.

    After this powering off follows a coil whine kind of sound from PSU.

  • i got my dd1 in December, works great with the F1 wheel it came with. But like all of you, it will not detect my clubsport Universal hub. I’m guessing fanatec still has no answers?

  • I have contacted the support, went through suggested troubleshooting steps (they didnt help), they have suggested RMA for dd1 and pdoium hub, now waiting for shipping label...it has to go back it seems

  • It's a hardware issue so you need to RMA the dd1 at least..

  • It must be faulty electronics because when I sent my DD2 for repair they just sent me a brand new base.

  • Hi Stevan, do you have them back? How is it going on?

  • No, haven't sent it in yet, as i dont live in the country where they ship to...will have to send it in once I'm back in my country

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