Is my load cell faulty?

I have this pedal set since may but this problem only started occuring in the past couple weeks.

I have it mounted to a Next Level Racing GTtrack cockpit and I also have a CSL DD mounted to it.

My problem is that after around 15 minutes of playing, the pedal starts to get harder to press to 100% like if I would change the brake force in the Fanatec Control Panel. I am pushing the pedal as hard as I was pushing it before but it gives lot less pressure ingame. After a while it gets so bad that I can't even reach 30% brake pressure. If I disable and then enable the manual mode, it solves the problem for some reason.

I've tried it with different versions of Fanatec CP (439, 443) but it didn't make any difference and I also tried it with usb connection and by connecting it through the wheelbase.

What do you think, is it an issue with my load cell or is it a software fault? I've also been thinking about the EMI causing this but if that would be the case, I don't think I could temporarily solve it by just disabling and enabling manual mode.


  • I'm guessing my v1 clubsport pedals are much older than yours, but I was having a somewhat similar issue with my brake pedal and ended up solving it with a replacement load cell.

    In debugging it, I formed a theory about the behavior your seeing (where it gets harder to press over time)... My theory is that the wheel "learns" what 100% brake force is based on maximum value it sees from the pedal, so if you have a faulty load cell (or perhaps EMI issues) that sometimes cause a much higher reading to be sent, the wheel then learns that higher value as the max, so your normal inputs get scaled down. That's why resetting (by switching to manual mode for you, or by unplugging/replugging the pedal connection for me) fixes it, because that causes the wheel to reset it's learned maximum value.

    I was having almost the same issue with my throttle, where it would register only ~95%, and I definitely traced that to an EMI issue, as I was running the cord from the pedals right next to the power cord for the wheel.

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