broke my Clubsport v3 inverted usb poret


I broke the usb port on my fanatec clubsport v3 inverted.

I ordered the f1 podium wheel. Can i skip usb for the pedals and connect to the wheel and connect the wheel with usb?

Also can the f1 podium wheel be mounted to a flat plate? i have a cheap next level racing seat with only a flat plate and holes on it (until i upgrade)



  • You can use the pedals connected to your wheelbase but I’d get that USB port fixed for future firmware upgrades.

    Which NLR “seat” exactly are you talking about? I used to have a GTTrack/Wheel Stand 2.0 + Seat, which had pre drilled holes for Fanatec bases. Mounting both a DD1 (Podium F1), and DD2 was very easy.

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