Fanatec clubsport pedals v3, stiffness

I just purchased the V3 pedals, I'd like to reduce the stifness for the brake pedal ( the left one, in my case )

Could anyone help me, please ??

Thank you


  • If you bought them brand new and haven't used the bpk kit just give it time it will soften up with use.

    Make sure the adjuster is wound in to its softest setting and you can adjust the amount of pressure applied to pedal.

    Great pedals lots of adjustability on the pedals or via the steering wheel or using a pc.

  • I'm very sorry, I meant to say " CLUTCH " instead BRAKE

  • Well, the V3 clutch comes with the red spring preinstalled, it's the soft one by the way.

    The package provides two extra spring, black, stronger, for throttle pedal and clutch pedal.

    So my guess is that if it's not okay for you like this, with the soft red spring, maybe you should search somewhere for an even softer one or a set of very puffy elastomers to replace the red spring.


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