V3 Pedals intermittent connection to PC

A few weeks ago I was in an iRacing race and my pedals randomly disconnected. Now my PC is not recognizing that they are plugged in. Sometimes I'll get the PC to recognize them, but they will instantly disconnect making the Windows USB connect/disconnect sound. I have them plugged directly into my PC with USB (and I dont have any other Fanatec products.)

Things I've tried.

  • All other USB ports on PC
  • Used another USB cable
  • Plugged the pedals into another PC (still didn't recognize)
  • Updated firmware/drivers
  • Uninstalled then reinstalled firmware/drivers
  • Removed pedals from my rig and retried plugging them in
  • Took off the man cover to look at the USB hub board thing

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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